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Distributed and real-time database systems


Status Cancelled
School National Graduate School in Computer Science (CUGS)
Division HIS
Owner Sten F. Andler
Homepage http://www.his.se/iki/courses/drtdbs

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Course plan


Lectures: 12 hours, Seminars: 12 hours, Project presentations 3-9 hours
(Depending on number of students)

Recommended for

The course is suitable for IT and CUGS PhD students interested in architecture and techniques of distributed and real-time database systems, as well as computer science MS students and industrial participants.

The course was last given

fall 2006


The course covers theory and issues in designing distributed and real-time database systems from a number of different perspectives and also discusses new emerging application areas and related system architectures.


A strong background in software development and computer science is necessary. This course assumes that students has taken a basic course in database systems and is familiar with concepts such as transactions, ACID properties, structural modeling, normalization, and query languages (i.e., SQL). Further, basic courses in real-time systems, distributed systems and software engineering are strongly recommended.


This course will give students an overview of the challenges and the state of the art in designing distributed real-time database systems. In particular, lectures and seminars will cover fundamental theory and recent results for a number of topics, relevant to distributed and real-time systems development. The topics include:

QoS management for real-time databases

Real-time stream processing

Real-time transaction processing and reactive mechanisms

Distributed and real-time concurrency control

Transaction scheduling and overload management

Consistency levels, conflict handling and scalability issues

Emerging applications areas of distributed and real-time databases

Apart from reading selected papers and discussing these topics, students will write an essay discussing the potential benefits and challenges of introducing distributed or real-time database systems in a particular application domain (for example, vehicle systems, command and control applications, distributed simulation, mobile platforms or peer-to-peer networking). Students will also participate in a programming assignment that uses a commercial real-time database system.


Lectures + Seminars based on papers and student presentations + programming assignment with demonstration.


Real-Time Database Systems: Architecture and Techniques
Editors: Lam, Kam-Yiu; Kuo, Tei-Wei
Published by: Springer

Selected papers (see course web page).


Sang Son
Sten F. Andler
Jonas Mellin
Jörgen Hansson
Sanny Gustavsson
Gunnar Mattiasson
Marcus Brohede

Course Coordinator: Robert Nilsson


Sten F. Andler


Paper presentations / discussion + participation
Programming assignment demo, Essay



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For more details see www.his.se/iki/research/drts/ARTES

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