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Research in Statistics

The research at the Division of Statistics is focused on applied statistics. Real-world problems motivate development of new statistical procedures, and existing statistical procedures are transferred to areas in which they have previously not been applied. Five research areas define the core activities at the Division:

  • Environmetrics
  • Forensic inference
  • Medical statistics
  • Road traffic studies


The scientists and their research profiles:

  • Anders Grimvall, professor, Trend detection and assessment of data quality
  • Anders Nordgaard, senior lecturer, Trends in multivariate data
  • Agne Burauskaite-Harju, Trends in extremes
  • Sackmone Sirisack, Assessment of data quality
  • Oleg Sysoev, Monotonic regression
  • Karl Wahlin, Statistics for environmental monitoring

Research projects:

COST action on homogenization

ENGO - Environmental goal achievement under uncertainty

SIDA - Laos

Forensic inference

  • Anders Nordgaard, senior lecturer,

Medical statistics

  • Olle Eriksson, senior lecturer

Road traffic studies

The scientists and their research profiles:

  • Olle Eriksson, senior lecturer, sensitivity and uncertainty in traffic emission models
  • Anders Grimvall, professor, automated detection of pedestrians

A traffic statistics network, consisting of researchers at the Division of Statistics, the Division of Mathematical Statistics, and the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) has been established.