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Education of professional statisticians

The Division of Statistics and Machine Learning at the The Department of Computer and Information Science is a major producer of professional statisticians in Sweden. The bachelor's programme Statistics and Data Analysis provides an education that is adapted to the new roles of statisticians in a data-rich world and the increasing demand for people who can extract information from the huge amounts of data that are collected in almost any part of the society. The international master's programme in Statistics and Machine Learning integrates statistical modelling with machine learning, data mining and visualization into a solid basis for professional work with the organization and analysis of large and complex data sets, or a career as researcher.

The division also gives single subject courses in statistics for the Business Administration and Economics Programme and the International Business Programme, the Information Systems Analysis Programme, the Politices Science and Economics Programme, the Biology and Mathematics programmes, and the Forensic Science Programme.

Research in statistics and machine learning

Statistics research at Linköping University has a strong emphasis on applications. The focus on problems with societal relevance encourages inventive approaches to methods development, and the discernment of areas of investigation where collection and analysis of statistical data can contribute to solutions. Much of the research is conducted as collaborative efforts with end-users and organizations outside the academic world.

The postgraduate training in statistics has a core curriculum designed to foster familiarity with statistics theory-building and machine learning. Other courses and activities encourage societally-relevant applied research.

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