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Software to download

HIGHLIGHT - an Excel-based program for creating animated bubble-charts

HIGHLIGHT creates animated 2D bubble-charts of interdependent data series. The basic display has a static background of open markers representing the entire dataset. During the animation, subsets of the data are sequentially highlighted as filled bubbles. Color and size coding of the bubbles can be used to distinguish between different groups of objects.

Contact: Anders Grimvall

MULTITREND - an Excel-based program for joint analysis of trends and change points in multiple time series of data

MULTITREND extracts and visualizes trends and change points in multiple time series of data. The major output is a 3D trend surface and uncertainty estimates.

Contact: Anders Grimvall

MULTITEST - an Excel-based program for univariate and multivariate Mann-Kendall tests for monotone trends

MULTITEST facilitates the testing for trends in data that can be divided into different groups of observations. The programme can accommodate censored and serially correlated data. The tests performed include ordinary and partial Mann-Kendall tests.

Contact: Anders Grimvall

TREND-DURATION-FREQUENCY - a package of Matlab functions for the analysis of trends in extremes

TREND-DURATION-FREQUENCY facilitates the use of extreme value theory to test for trends in percentiles derived from high-resolution time series data. The output is a matrix of trend significance measures estimated for different data resolutions and different quantiles.

Contact: Agne Burauskaite-Harju

TRENDPOWER - a Matlab programme for the power of nonparametric trend tests

TRENDPOWER enables realistic estimates of the power of downward or upward trends in environmental monitoring data. The programme is based on resampling of data for Mann-Kendall tests.

Contact: Anders Nordgaard