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Welcome to Statistics and Machine Learning

The Division of Statistics and Machine Learning has a complete programme of undergraduate and graduate education and research. The bachelor's and master's programmes are focused on data analysis and provide new and interesting career options. Much of the research is conducted as collaborative efforts with end-users and organizations outside the academic world.

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New lecturer to STIMA

Jose M Pena, senior lecturer och associate professor (docent) in computer science, has moved to our division. Jose is doing research in machine learning, specifically probabilistic graphical models. Jose teaches Big Data Analytics, Introduction to Machine Learning and Advanced Machine Learning.

Anders Eklund in the limelight

Anders Eklund at the division has recently published an article in PNAS which has recieved intense media coverage in for example NY Times, Wired, The Economist and Nature. Anders' work showed that group analysis from fMRI data can be seriously flawed with dramatically inflated false positive rates.

We are hiring lecturers

50% research time in at least five years. See the full announement here.

New Post doc

Matias Quiroz is a new post doc at the division. Matias recently defended his PhD thesis in Statistics at Stockholm University. Matias specializes in Bayesian inference for big data problems.

New PhD student in Statistics

Sarah Alsaadi is new PhD student in Statistics at the division. Sarah is supervised by Linda Wänström, Robert Thornberg (IBL) and Mattias Villani.

PhD candidate position in Statistics in a Psychometric project

We are looking for a candidate who is interested in participating in the project "Social and moral processes of bullying: a 4-year longitudinal study" which is a collaboration between our division and the Division of Education, Teaching and Learning at the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Learning. The purpose of the study is to explore how social- and moral psychological processes over time are linked to various bullying behaviors of middle school children. The doctoral student will, in addition to using statistical models to find answers to project questions, also evaluate psychometric properties of the scales, as well as develop statistical models for psychological data.
See the formal announcement for more information.

New Seminar Series in Machine Learning

The Machine Learning Research Group at IDA starts the research seminar series IDA Machine Learning Seminars. Machine Learning is a field of study at the intersection of Statistics, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. The first seminar, on September 17 in Visionen, is given by Christos Dimitrakakis on the topic of 'Sequential Decision Making: Experiment Design, Big Data and Reinforcement Learning'. Welcome!

New PhD student in Statistics

Per Sidén is new PhD student in Statistics at the division. Per will be working in the field of neuroimaging statistics and is to be supervised by Prof Mattias Villani.

Cramér prize 2014

The 2014 Cramér prize was awarded to Feng Li by the Swedish Cramér Society, a section of the Swedish Statistical Association. The prize is awarded to the best PhD thesis in Statistics and Mathematical Statistics. Feng Li's thesis work at Stockholm University was supervised by Professor Mattias Villani.

VR research project grant

The research project 'Statistical Analysis of fMRI data' has been awarded 5.5 millons SEK over a period of four years from the Swedish research council (VR). The project aims to develop new statistical methods for analyzing functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data. Mattias Villani is the project's principal investigator.

Post doc Anders Eklund is visiting the division

Anders Eklund is post doc at Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, working with neuroimaging and parallel computations. Anders will spend the period October 14-25 at our division to collaborate with Mattias Villani, Bertil Wegmann and Josef Wilzén on Bayesian statistical methods for neuroimaging data.

Professor Daniel Bättig is visiting the division

Professor Daniel Bättig from the Bern University of Applied Sciences is visiting the division this spring semester. Professor Bättig is the director of the Institute for Risks and Extremes and specializes in Bayesian statistics in a wide range of applications in the engineering and financial fields.

2013 - The Year of Statistics

Year 2013 is the international year of Statistics, an initiative to emphasize the importance of Statistics in our society. Visit statistics2013.org for more information.

Do you want to join a revolution?

The article Statistics Ready for a Revolution - Next Generation of Statisticians Must Build Tools for Massive Data Sets argues that the field of Statistics is changing rapidly and that there is an urgent need for methods to analyze large complex data. We at Statistics in Linköping have known this for quite a while, which is why we started our international Master's programme Statistics and Data Mining already in 2007. The programme gives you the knowledge and tools for making you a forerunner in the Statistical Revolution.
The deadline for applications is January 15, 2013.
See the video below, or the programme's web page, for more information, or our page on facebook.
We look forward to your application!

New Lecturers in Statistics

The division is extremely pleased to announce the recruitment of two senior lecturers: Patrik Waldmann and Linda Wänström!
Linda, starting on August 1, comes from a senior lecturer position at Stockholm University. Linda is specialized in psychometrics (statistics for applications in psychology).
Patrik, starting on October 1, comes from a position as a senior researcher at University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna. Patrik is specialized in biometrics and statistical genetics.

New Ph.D. students in Statistics

The division is very happy to welcome our two new Ph.D. students: Måns Magnusson and Josef Wilzén. Måns and Josef start in September and will be supervised by Professor Mattias Villani.

New post doc at the division

Bertil Wegmann has been awarded a three-year Wallander post doc scholarship. In his Ph.D. thesis Bayesian Inference in Structural Second-Price Auctions, Bertil developed statistical methods for analyzing and predicting bids in internet auctions using models with strategic bidders. Bertil joins the division in January 2012.

New textbook for a basic undergraduate course in Statistics by Karl Wahlin

Karl Wahlin, Lecturer at the division, has published a new textbook Tillämpad statistik - en grundkurs suitable for basic undergraduate courses in Statistics.

Thesis defence

Agne Burauskaite-Harju succesfully defended her Ph.D. thesis Characterizing Temporal Changes and Inter-Site Correlations in Daily and Sub-Daily Precipitation Extremes on October 10, 2011.

New Lecturer

Oleg Sysoev is new lecturer in Statistics.

New Professor

Mattias Villani joins the division as new Professor. Mattias specializes in Bayesian Statistics, Computational Statistics and Econometrics.

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