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TDDD55 Compilers and Interpreters

Laboratory Assignments


The deadline for the labs is the end of the lecture period 2016-12-21. Check when your lab assistant takes vacation in good time before the last scheduled lab in case you want to hand in the labs after that lab (2016-12-15).

While it will still be possible to submit your lab report to your lab assistant afterwards, we then cannot guarantee that your lab points will be counted as a 2016 result, as we have to prioritize the correction of the exam.

Laboratory Instructions

Material for TDDD55 is available in the course directory /home/TDDD55/lab via the IDA laboratory computers. Instructions also available below. There are four laboratory assignments.

1. Attribute Grammars and Top-Down Parsing
2. Scanner Specification
3. Parser Generators
4. Intermediate Code Generation

Lab Skeleton
Language Specification

Flex Guide
Bison Guide

Some additional information will be given during the lessons.

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Last updated: 2016-10-24