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TDDD53 Advanced Interaction Design (6 ECTS)

Ht1 2016

Latest News...

5/9  Added lecture and hold times

The teaching session on 21/9 has been changed to a lecture about Ubiquitous computing in A25, held by Magnus Bång. This might be a bit late in the process for most groups so make a judgement call if you should spend time on the project or the lecture. Also, the course information page has been updated with info about hold times for the projects.

30/8  Slides, groups and assignments available

The slides from the first lecture is now online. All slides will be made available soon after each lecture. The groups and assignments can also be found here

29/8  The web and assignments updated

The course pages are now almost done and you can also find the assignments for the course here.

17/8  Welcome to Advanced Interaction Design 2016!

My name is Johan Blomkvist and I am the examiner for the course. The web pages are currently being developed.

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