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TDDD48 Automated planning: All Messages

2015‑03‑30  Lecture cancelled

Tuesday's lecture is unfortunately also cancelled. More information has been sent by email.

2015‑03‑27  Lecture cancelled

Today's lecture is cancelled.

2015‑03‑20  Lab updates

We are working hard to get this year's labs online, but there are still some things that need to be double-checked due to the new lab environment at IDA. The first two labs will be online very soon. For a general idea of what will happen, please see last year's labs.

2014‑04‑07  Lecture cancelled

The lecture 2014-04-08 is cancelled. All registered students have been notified by the course mailing list as well.

2014‑03‑24  Lecture notes

Previews of the first two lectures are now available.

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