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Safety-Critical RTS, PhD Course: Goals

To get an insight in factors which affect design and development of safety-critical computer systems, and get an overview of historical developments in the area.

To understand what are the attributes of safety as a property of a system, what it implies for parts of a system (in particular a computer system).

To relate system safety to other notions such as risks, hazards, accidents, faults, failures.

To understand what techniques are available and currently used for determining levels of risk, analysis of hazards, and management of faults and errors in the design of computer systems, in particular reliability analysis, fault-tolerance, static and dynamic analysis of system design and implementation.

To get an insight in human-related,  social and organisational aspects of system safety, and study the role of human operators or designers in increasing or decreasing system safety.

To get an insight into the role of international standards in improving safety levels, e.g. Defence standards 00-54 to 00-58, and the IEC 61 508.

To study recent research results for enhancing safety in computer-based systems and become familar with some industrial tools used for system safety analysis.

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Last updated: 2015-04-28