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Safety-Critical RTS, PhD Course: Examination

The examination consists of analysis of a real computer based system failure and relating the post mortem (accident) report to the material discussed in the lectures/literature.

(1) The participants are required to write a term paper (~10-15 pages) and to make a short presentation for other course members. The term paper should illustrate familiarity with the course literature and other relevant literature.

This part of the examination will provide 4 credit points.

(2) There will be a possibility to do a laboratory exercise for each participant, using the safety analysis and documentation tools offered in the course (either based on the above studied case or on a separate example). A short summary of the study of the two tools' capabilities (~2 pages) is expected as a documentation of this activity.

This part of the examination will provide 1 credit point.

Deadline: 5th January 2005 (Revised to 9th January :-)

Final presentation session: Monday 10th January 2005, 13-16, Room: Donald Knuth.

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