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Sam Thellman



My research aims to elucidate the scope and limits of people's ability to interact with robotic systems, such as humanoid robots and autonomous vehicles, by treating them as intentional agents, i.e., agents with beliefs, desires, and other so called "intentional states". I recently defended my thesis Social Robots as Intentional Agents. My current focus is on human interaction with autonomous minibuses, as part of a collaboration between Linkping University and The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI).

Thesis cover

Selected publications

For a complete list of publications, see my Google Scholar profile.
  • Thellman, S., de Graaf, M., & Ziemke, T. (2022). Mental State Attribution to Robots: A Systematic Review of Conceptions, Methods, and Findings. ACM Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction, 11(4) [link]
  • Ziemke, T. & Thellman, S. (2022). Do we really want AI to be human-like? Science Robotics, 7(68), eadd0641 [link]
  • Thellman, S. & Ziemke, T. (2021). The Perceptual Belief Problem: Why Explainability Is a Tough Challenge in Social Robotics. ACM Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction, 10(3) [link]
  • Thellman, S., Silvervarg, A., & Ziemke, T. (2017). Folk-psychological interpretation of human vs. humanoid robot behavior: exploring the intentional stance toward robots. Frontiers in Psychology, 8, 1962. [link]

Email: sam.thellman@liu.se
Tel: +46 13282410
Visiting address: Room 3F.470, Dept. of Computer and Information Science, Linkping University

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