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After about ten years working with care for the elderly and people with dementia, Johan got interested in human behaviour and took a bachelor in cognitive science. From there he went on to a master in design, applying knowledge about humans as social, communicative, and embodied beings situated in cultural and evolutionary contexts to the design domain.

During this time, Johan also started working with user innovation and managing projects where design students collaborated with organisations and companies. Some more information about the user innvoation work can be found in a Project Report from the Ludinno-project, where 5 universities collaborated around user innovation. For more about the work with students and organisations, please see this (in swedish), or this in english.

His current research, as a PostDoc at Linköping University, aims to expand our knowledge about service design and particularly about prototyping services. On this topic, Johan has written about conceptualisations of service prototyping in his Licentiate thesis and later about representations of future services in his doctoral thesis.

Research interests include prototyping techniques and approaches, evaluation of service (prototypes), visualisations of services and more generally the direction and aim of the field of service design. These topics, and more, are explored with mixed qualitative and quantitative approaches, often with a distributed cognition perspective.

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