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Current Research

Currently Eva is a researcher within the MDA lab financed through the SecurityLink network.

Previous Research

Previously Eva has done research on methods for ontology development, based on Ontology Design Patterns (ODPs), and semantic applications, such as expert-finding and decision support. During 2009-2010 she did a postdoc at STLab, ISTC-CNR, Rome (IT). The postdoc project focused on the use and validation of ODPs in Ontology Engineering. More specifically, evaluation of the effects of ODP usage (within the EU funded projects NeOn and IKS).

Eva defended her PhD thesis in 2009, the PhD project research focused on the development of a novel approach for semi-automatic ontology construction (sometimes denoted Ontology Learning) called OntoCase. To facilitate knowledge reuse in the automatic process, the notion of ontology patterns was used. The semi-automatic method was inspired by the Case-based Reasoning (CBR) methodology.

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