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Current Research

Eva's main research focus is on applied and industry-relevant research in the area of the Semantic Web and AI. In particular, the focus is on knowledge representation, such as ontologies and knowledge graphs, ontology-based applications and ontology engineering.

Current work includes pattern-based ontology engineering methods, tools and methodologies, as well as transferring this knowledge to the broader realm of knowledge graphs. In addition, ontology and knowledge graph usage is an important aspect, as well as model and data evolution. The latter may in the extreme case lead to treating the data or models as a stream, to perform stream reasoning.

In terms of application domains Eva works both with the security domain, such as policing applications, as well as e-health and other domains.

Previous Research

An important concept throughout the research work has been the notion of ontology design patterns, which was first developed and explored during her PhD. In parallel with another researcher (a later colleague at ISTC-CNR), Eva invented and was the first to define the term 'ontology design pattern', in 2005. The PhD dissertation focused on semi-automatic generation of ontologies, so-called 'ontology learning', and improving that process based on design patterns.

Later, in her postdoc work, the focus shifted towards manual use of ontology design patterns, evaluating their use and usefulness, and developing methods, tools, and methodologies for using them. More recently, the involvement in the Security Link national research centre led to a focus on, and experience in, knowledge-based applications in the security domain, in particular decision support systems.

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