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Eva Blomqvist is currently (since December 2019) employed as Associate Professor (Bitr. Professor) in Computer Science, in the KMACS lab (HCS division) at the Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University. Since 2017 she also holds the title of Docent in computer science.

Eva's main research focus is on applied and industry-relevant research in the area of the Semantic Web and AI. In particular, the focus has been on knowledge representation, such as ontologies and knowledge graphs, ontology-based applications and ontology engineering. An important concept throughout the research work has been the notion of ontology design patterns, which was first developed and explored during her PhD. In parallel with another researcher (a later colleague at ISTC-CNR), Eva invented and was the first to define the term 'ontology design pattern', in 2005.

The PhD dissertation focused on semi-automatic generation of ontologies, so-called 'ontology learning', and improving that process based on design patterns. Later, in her postdoc work, the focus shifted towards manual use of ontology design patterns, evaluating their use and usefulness, and developing methods, tools, and methodologies for using them. More recently, the involvement in the Security Link national research centre led to a focus on, and experience in, knowledge-based applications in the security domain, in particular decision support systems. In the work at RISE, similar ideas and solutions have then been applied to the e-health domain. Eva has published more than 40 peer-reviewed original scientific papers in journals and proceedings, and in addition a number of book chapters and discussion papers.

In addition to her research work, Eva has been very active in the Semantic Web community, on editorial boards and as a reviewer, as well as chair of several international conferences and workshops (e.g., general chair of ESWC 2017, and scientific program co-chair of ISWC2021). She has edited around 20 collections of scientific articles. She is also the chair of the Association for Ontology Design and Patterns, since 2016, a member of the board of the Swedish AI Society, as well as a member of the department board at the Computer and Information Science Department at Linköping University. At the university Eva is also involved in teaching, and has among other things developed several PhD courses on Semantic Web technologies.

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