Bjšrn JE Johansson



Bjšrn Johansson (Associate Professor, Cognitive Science, Ph.D. in Cognitive Systems) is adjunct lecturer at the Department for Computer Science at Linkšping University.


BjšrnÕs research focus is Cognitive Systems Engineering, Resilience Engineering, Command and Control, temporal characteristics of control tasks, Agility, C2 Agility, and communication. He has worked and works in several different projects concerned with crisis management and information technology, traffic, air traffic management as well as command and control systems and agility. Bjšrn was a member of the European Union ERASMUS (En Route Air Traffic Soft Management Ultimate System) project, the European Union Network of Excellence (NoE) GMOSS (Global Monitoring for Security and Stability), ŌResponding to CrisisÕ group and is also former board member in the Swedish Human Factors Network. He was also member of the Scientific Council of NetCor, a network for resilient crisis management founded by the Swedish Emergency Management Agency. Bjšrn was also a member of the NATO SAS-085 team on C2 Agility. BjšrnÕs work at Linkšping University involve teaching, supervision and course planning at both graduate and undergraduate level. He has also been employed at Combitech AB and Saab Security, performing various conceptual work concerning crisis management systems. Bjšrn has authored and co-authored more than 60 scientific publications such as journal papers, conference papers, book chapters and reports.




Journal Publications


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Conference papers with peer review


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Book chapters


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Conference papers without peer review


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