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Multimodal Interaction for Information Services


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Project prototypes

We have in the Miina project produced two prototypes, one on text extraction and one on dialogue systems development. These will form the basis for our initial work in this project.


The prototype system Ask RSV utilises text extraction techniques to be able to answer questions in natural language in the domain of the Swedish tax area. In the system a general representation of tax concepts (a domain ontology) is used by wrappers to provide structure to unstructured documents in the domain. The result is an enriched set of documents that include semantic information and serves as the knowledge base for a questioning and answering interface.

The Nokia TV guide

In this project we utilised a framework for dialogue systems development, MALIN, that was customised for TV program information to be used in the Nokia Media Terminal. The dialogue system was implemented iteratively.


BirdQuest is our first prototype system combining the two approaches, where our dialogue system can access unstructured data taken from a text book of Nordic birds.

We have a movie of this. And if you follow this link it is very often possible to use BirdQuest (in Swedish).

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