Agneta Gulz

Professor in Cognitive Science

Cognition and Interaction Research Group
Department of Computer and Information Science
Linköping University

Also with Lund University Cognitive Science (LUCS)


I lead the Educational Technology Group. Please follow the link to learn more about our reseach. If you are interested other work in the cognitive science group at the deparment, please go to the Cognition and Interaction web pages.

Below is a short summary of my current research interests.

Research Domain

Next generation educational software, as research instruments and as real-world-value tools to support learners and teachers.

Selection of Research Issues

At what age can a child learn for herself by teaching someone else? How does this relate to the development of a capability to solve false belief tasks, understand that there are different perspectives, inhibitory functions, etc?

Is it possible to support the development of number sense in young children by a Teachable-Agent game? What role does, in that case, the social interaction have for children's motivation and performance?

How do different students behave when learning is not easy and they don't make progress?

Can thinking strategies in situations of non-progress be influenced by different pedagogical approaches?

Will there be differences in learning and progress for two groups of 10-11 year olds that both teach a digital tutee (teachable agent), but one group having a regular digital tutee and the other a "challenger tutee"?


Here you can find a list of my publications.

Contact information

Mail: Agneta Gulz, Dept. of Computer and Information Science,
Linköping University, SE-581 83 LINKÖPING, SWEDEN
Phone: +46 13 28 16 64
Fax: +46 13 14 22 31 (Att: Agneta Gulz)
Visitors: Room G.470, Department of Computer and Information Science,
Linköping University

Agneta Gulz

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