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TDDD25 Distributed Systems (6 ECTS)

2024 VT


The course consists of 12 lectures (Fö), 1 lesson (Le), and 7 laboratory sessions (La). The course gives 6 points in total. You will get 4 points for the examination and 2 points for the programming project. The course language is English.


Recommended literature:

  • George Coulouris, Jean Dollimore, Tim Kindberg, Gordon Blair: "Distributed Systems - Concepts and Design" 5th Edition, Addison Wesley Publishing Comp., 2011.


2023‑01‑25  Changes in schedule 2/2-9/2

As announced in the lecture of yesterday, the following changes in the schedule have now been committed to TimeEdit:

  • Lecture of 6/2 10:15 moved to Friday 2/2 08:15
  • Lecture of 7/2 13:15 moved to Friday 9/2 08:15
  • Lab 9/2 08:15 (Group B) moved to Thursday 1/2 10:15. This is outside the course's schedule block, but there were no time clashes for the students who attended the lecture yesterday.
See the updated schedule and room information in TimeEdit.

2024‑01‑08  The course web pages are being updated for 2024.

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