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Machine Learning

Our field

Machine learning is a vibrant and rapidly developing field at the intersection of artificial intelligence, computer science and statistics. Machine learning was originally defined as data-driven learning of automatic prediction and decision systems. The field has expanded substantially in recent years to also encompass problems in the natural and social sciences, and the term is now often used for any problem involving learning and prediction in complex data problems.

Our focus

The members of the machine learning research group at IDA are active in both methodological and applied research in several of the main subfields of machine learning:
  • AI Robotics
  • Bayesian learning
  • Big data problems
  • Data-based decision making
  • Probabilistic graphical models
  • Text mining and Natural language processing
  • Uncertainty quantification

  • Our activities

  • Our list of publications gives an overview of the research carried out by the group.
  • We are involved in a large number of Master's and PhD courses in machine learning at IDA..
  • Our group hosts the international research series IDA Machine Learning Seminars.

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    Last updated: 2014-06-08