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CLARIN is a European infrastructure consortium (ERIC) that supports research in the humanities and social sciences by providing corpora, lexicons and tools for for processing them. CLARIN is funded by the member states. Sweden joined CLARIN in 2014 with Swe-Clarin as the national Swedish infrastructure action.

Swe-Clarin is a network of nine centres from Swedish universities and authorities lead by the Swedish Language Bank at Gothenburg University. The Linköping centre is hosted by the Language Technology research group at the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA). The funding is provided by Vetenskapsrådet (the Swedish Research Council).

The main activities at the Linköping centre are:

  • Informing other departments and groups at Linköping University about the infrastructure and its potential for research.
  • Advicing and collaborating with researchers in the humanities and social sciences that want to use corpus methods in their research.
  • Making our own corpora and resources available through Swe-Clarin'S portal, such as the following:
    • English-Swedish parallell treebank, LinES. Versions in Universal Dependencies (English, Swedish)
    • A parallel corpus of Swedish and easy-to-read Swedish texts ( info )
    • A standard set of Swedish word vectors( link )
    • Gold standards for machine translation (GES), and text summarization ( info )
  • Participating in Swe-Clarin's work on harmonizing och standardizing Swedish corpora.
  • Applying for certification as a CLARIN centre according to CLARIN criteria.
People and contact
  • Lars Ahrenberg, contact, expert
  • Arne Jönsson, expert
  • Michael Jonasson, amanuens

email: clarinkc at liu dot se

phone: +46 13282422


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