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PELAB has a tradition of welcoming students who are interested in writing their master's thesis or completing a final project on a subject related to the research areas represented at PELAB. We also encourage students who are interested in joining PELAB as PhD students to do their master's work at PELAB.

If you are interested in PELAB but none of the projects listed here suits you, please contact us. We are always open to suggestions and ideas.

Open Thesis Projects at PELAB

PELAB offers final thesis projects (exjobb, at master and bachelor level) in the following areas:

Parallel, distributed and accelerator-based computing.
Programming models design and implementation.
Program analysis, synthesis and optimization.

Contact person: Prof. Christoph Kessler
List of open thesis projects

Programming, modeling and simulation environments, languages, compilers, and debuggers. Parallel simulation, Model-driven environments. OpenModelica Development

Contact persons: Prof. Peter Fritzson, Dr. Lena Buffoni, Dr. Adrian Pop
List of open thesis projects (via OpenModelica pages)

Software Engineering and Model Driven Engineering

Contact person: Prof. Kristian Sandahl
List of open thesis projects

Contact person: Prof. Daniel Varro
List of open thesis projects


Contact person: Dr. Aseel Berglund
List of open thesis projects

General information on thesis projects at PELAB

Forms and procedures

General information about master thesis projects at IDA

Registering your master thesis project:
(1) at LiTH via your study counsellor,
(2) at IDA via the wexupp system
(3) at PELAB (for internal thesis projects only) (form, hand in to the PELAB secretary).

How to write a thesis project plan

IDA thesis pages

Page responsible: Kristian Sandahl
Last updated: 2024-02-13