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Doctoral Dissertations

Linköping Studies in Science and Technology

No 2006 Daniel de Leng: Robust Stream Reasoning Under Uncertainty, 2019, ISBN 978-91-7685-013-8. ABSTRACT

No 2001 Tim Overkamp: How Service Ideas Are Implemented: Ways of Framing and Addressing Service Transformation, 2019, ISBN 978-91-7685-025-1. ABSTRACT

No 1993 Ulf Kargén: Scalable Dynamic Analysis of Binary Code, 2019, ISBN 978-91-7685-049-7. ABSTRACT

No 1984 Anders Andersson: Distributed Moving Base Driving Simulators; Technology, Performance, and Requirements, 2019, ISBN 978-91-7685-090-9. ABSTRACT

No 1967 Mahder Gebremedhin: Automatic and Explicit Parallelization Approaches for Equation Based Mathematical Modeling and Simulation, 2019, ISBN 978-91-7685-163-0. ABSTRACT

No 1964 Arian Maghazeh: System-Level Design of GPU-Based Embedded Systems, 2018, ISBN 978-91-7685-175-3. ABSTRACT

No 1936 Leif Jonsson: Machine Learning-Based Bug Handling in Large-Scale Software Development, 2018, ISBN 978-91-7685-306-1. ABSTRACT

No 1913 Jonas Rybing: Computational Studying Simulations with Distributed Cognition, 2018, ISBN 978-91-7685-348-1. ABSTRACT

No 1903 Lu Li: Programming Abstractions and Optimization Techniques for GPU-based Heterogeneous Systems, 2018, ISBN 978-91-7685-370-2. ABSTRACT

No 1902 Vengatanathan Krishnamoorthi: Computational Efficient HTTP-based Adaptive Streaming of Linear and Interactive Videos, 2018, ISBN 978-91-7685-371-9. ABSTRACT

No 1891 Valentina Ivanova: Computational Fostering User Involvement in Ontology Alignment and Alignment Evaluation, 2017, ISBN 978-91-7685-403-7. ABSTRACT

No 1887 Ivan Ukhov: Computational System-Level Analysis and Design under Uncertainty, 2017, ISBN 978-91-7685-426-6. ABSTRACT

No 1863 Karl Hammar: Computational Content Ontology Design Patterns: Qualities, Methods, and Tools, 2017, ISBN 978-91-7685-454-9. ABSTRACT

No 1863 Simon Ståhlberg: Computational Methods for Detecting Unsolvable Planning Instances using Variable Projection, ISBN 978-91-7685-498-3. ABSTRACT

No 1854 Meysam Aghighi: Computational Complexity of some Optimization Problems in Planning, 2017, ISBN 978-91-7685-519-5. ABSTRACT

No 1851 Marcus Bendtsen: Gated Bayesian Networks 2017, ISBN 978-91-7685-525-6. ABSTRACT

No 1831 Lisa Malmberg: Building Design Capability in the Public Sector: Expanding the Horizons of Development, 2017, ISBN 978-91-7685-585-0. ABSTRACT

No 1823 Amy Rankin: Making Sense of Adaptations: Resilience in High-Risk Work, 2017, ISBN 978-91-7685-596-6. ABSTRACT

No 1813 Nicolas Melot: Algorithms and Framework for Energy Efficient Parallel Stream Computing on Many-Core Architectures, 2017, ISBN 978-91-7685-623-9. ABSTRACT

No 1798 Rahul Hiran:: Collaborative Network Security: Targeting Wide-area Routing and Edge-network Attacks, 2016, ISBN 978-91-7685-662-8. ABSTRACT

No 1778 Magnus Jandinger:: On a Need to Know Basis: A Conceptual and Methodological Framework for Modelling and Analysis of Information Demand in an Enterprise Context, 2016, ISBN 978-91-7685-713-7. ABSTRACT

No 1768 Anna Vapen:: Web Authentication using Third-Parties in Untrusted Environments, 2016, ISBN 978-91-7685-753-3. ABSTRACT

No 1748 Dag Sonntag: Chain Graphs — Interpretations, Expressiveness and Learning Algorithms, 2016, ISBN 978-91-7685-818-9. ABSTRACT

No 1747 Ekhiotz Vergara: Energy Modelling and Fairness for Efficient Mobile Communication, 2016, ISBN 978-91-7685-822-6. ABSTRACT

No 1746 Amir Aminifar: Analysis, Design, and Optimization of Embedded Control Systems, 2016, ISBN 978-91-7685-826-4. ABSTRACT

No 1734 Chandan Roy: An Informed System Development Approach to Tropical Cyclone Track and Intensity Forecasting, 2016, ISBN 978-91-7685-854-7. ABSTRACT

No 1733 Victor Lagerkvist: Strong Partial Clones and the Complexity of Constraint Satisfaction Problems: Limitations and Applications, 2016, ISBN 978-91-7685-856-14. ABSTRACT

No 1729 Ke Jiang: Security-Driven Design of Real-Time Embedded System, 2016, ISBN 978-91-7685-884-4. ABSTRACT

No 1715 Maria Vasilevskaya: Security in Embedded Systems: A Model-Based Approach with Risk Metrics, 2015, ISBN 978-91-7685-917-9. ABSTRACT

No 1702 Nima Aghaee: Thermal Issues in Testing of Advanced Systems on Chip, 2015, ISBN 978-91-7685-949-0. ABSTRACT

No 1691 Håkan Warnquist: Troubleshooting Trucks --- Automated Planning and Diagnosis, 2015, ISBN 978-91-7685-993-3.

No 1685 Bogdan Tanasa: Timing Analysis of Distributed Embedded Systems with Stochastic Workload and Reliability Constraints, 2015, ISBN 978-91-7519-022-8. ABSTRACT

No 1680 Adrian Lifa: Hardware/Software Codesign of Embedded Systems with Reconfigurable and Heterogeneous Platforms, 2015, ISBN 978-91-7519-040-2. ABSTRACT

No 1666 Kristian Stavåker: Contributions to Simulation of Modelica Models on Data-Parallel Multi-Core Architectures, 2015, ISBN 978-91-7519-068-6. ABSTRACT

No 1664 Martin Sjölund: Tools and Methods for Analysis, Debugging, and Performance Improvement of Equation-Based Models, 2015, ISBN 978-91-7519-071-6. ABSTRACT

No 1663 Hannes Uppman: On Some Combinatorial Optimization Problems: Algorithms and Complexity, 2015, ISBN 978-91-7519-072-3. ABSTRACT

No 1652 Roland Samlaus: An Integrated Development Environment with Enhanced Domain-Specific Interactive Model Validation, 2015, ISBN 978-91-7519-090-7.

No 1602 Cai Li: Reinforcement Learning of Locomotion based on Central Pattern Generators, 2014, ISBN 978-91-7519-313-7. ABSTRACT

No 1581 Usman Dastgeer: Performance-aware Component Composition for GPU-based Systems, 2014, ISBN 978-91-7519-383-0. ABSTRACT

No 1559 Sergiu Rafiliu: Stability of Adaptive Distributed Real-Time Systems with Dynamic Resource Management, 2013, ISBN 978-91-7519-471-4. ABSTRACT

No 1551 Henrik Svensson: Simulations, 2013, ISBN 978-91-7519-491-2. ABSTRACT

No 1547 Wladimir Schamai: Model-Based Verification of Dynamic System Behavior against Requirements: Method, Language, and Tool, 2013, ISBN 978-91-7519-505-6. ABSTRACT

No 1506 Magnus Ingmarsson: Creating and Enabling the Useful Service Discovery Experience, 2013, ISBN 978-91-7519-662-6. ABSTRACT

No 1503 John Wilander: Contributions to Specification, Implementation, and Execution of Secure Software, 2013, ISBN 978-91-7519-681-7. ABSTRACT

No 1496 Tommy Färnqvist: Exploiting Structure in CSP-related Problems, 2013, ISBN 978-91-7519-711-1. ABSTRACT

No 1481 David Byers: Improving Software Security by Preventing Known Vulnerabilities, 2012, ISBN 978-91-7519-784-5. ABSTRACT

No 1490 Tomas Bengtsson: Testing and Logic Optimization Techniques for Systems on Chip, 2012, ISBN 978-91-7519-742-5. ABSTRACT

No 1465 Mohammad Saifullah: Biologically-Based Interactive  Neural Network Models for Visual Attention and Object Recognition, 2012, ISBN 978-91-7519-838-5. ABSTRACT

No 1455 Alberto Montebelli: Modeling the Role of Energy Management in Embodied Cognition, 2012, ISBN 978-91-7519-882-8. ABSTRACT

No 1451 Sara Stymne: Text Harmonization Strategies for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation, 2012, ISBN 978-91-7519-887-3. ABSTRACT

No 1419 Erik Kuiper: Geographic Routing in Intermittently-connected Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: Algorithms and Performance Models, 2012, ISBN 978-91-7519-981-8. ABSTRACT

No 1386 Soheil Samii: Quality-Driven Synthesis and Optimization of Embedded Control Systems, 2011. ISBN 978-91-7393-102-1. ABSTRACT

No 1381 Ola Leifler: Affordances and Constraints of Intelligent Decision Support for Military Command and Control – Three Case Studies of Support Systems, 2011, ISBN 978-91-7393-133-5. ABSTRACT

No 1375 Mattias Eriksson: Integrated Code Generation, 2011, ISBN 978-91-7393-147-2. ABSTRACT

No 1374 Jan-Erik Källhammer: Using False Alarms when Developing Automotive Active Safety Systems, 2011, ISBN 978-91-7393-153-3. ABSTRACT

No 1373 Sonia Sangari: Head Movement Correlates to Focus Assignment in Swedish, 2011, ISBN 978-91-7393-154-0. ABSTRACT

No 1359 Jana Rambusch: Mind Games Extended: Understanding Gameplay as Situated Activity, 2010, ISBN 978-91-7393-252-3. ABSTRACT

No 1354 Mikael Asplund: Disconnected Discoveries: Availability Studies in Partitioned Networks, 2010, ISBN 978-91-7393-278-3. ABSTRACT

No 1337 Alexander Siemers: Contributions to Modelling and Visualisation of Multibody Systems Simulations with Detailed Contact Analysis, 2010, ISBN 978-91-7393-317-9. ABSTRACT

No 1333 David Broman: Meta-Languages and Semantics for Equation-Based Modeling and Simulation, 2010, ISBN 978-91-7393-335-3. ABSTRACT

No 1321 Zhiyuan He: Temperature Aware and Defect-Probability Driven Test Scheduling for System-on-Chip, 2010, ISBN 978-91-7393-378-0. ABSTRACT

No 1313 Christer Thörn: On the Quality of Feature Models, 2010, ISBN 978-91-7393-394-0. ABSTRACT

No 1306 Susanna Nilsson: Augmentation in the Wild: User Centered Development and Evaluation of Augmented Reality Applications, 2010, ISBN 978-91-7393-416-9. ABSTRACT

No 1294 Johan Thapper: Aspects of a Constraint Optimisation Problem, 2010, ISBN 978-91-7393-464-0. ABSTRACT

No 1290 Viacheslav Izosimov: Scheduling and Optimization of Fault-Tolerant Distributed Embedded Systems, 2009, ISBN 978-91-7393-482-4. ABSTRACT

No 1281 Gunnar Mathiason: Virtual Full Replication for Scalable Distributed Real-Time Databases, 2009, ISBN 978-91-7393-503-6. ABSTRACT

No 1274 Fredrik Kuivinen: Algorithms and Hardness Results for Some Valued CSPs, 2009, ISBN 978-91-7393-525-8. ABSTRACT

No 1268 Bahlol Rahimi: Supporting Collaborative Work through ICT - How End-users Think of and Adopt Integrated Health Information Systems, 2009, ISBN 978-91-7393-550-0. ABSTRACT

No 1266 Jiri Trnka: Exploring Tactical Command and Control: A Role-Playing Simulation Approach, 2009, ISBN 978-91-7393-571-5. ABSTRACT

No 1262 AnnMarie Ericsson: Enabling Tool Support for Formal Analysis of ECA Rules, 2009, ISBN 978-91-7393-598-2. ABSTRACT

No 1260 Gianpaolo Conte: Vision-Based Localization and Guidance for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, 2009, ISBN 978-91-7393-603-3. ABSTRACT

No 1249 Rogier Woltjer: Functional Modeling of Constraint Management in Aviation Safety and Command and Control, 2009, ISBN 978-91-7393-659-0. ABSTRACT

No 1244 Eva Blomqvist: Semi-automatic Ontology Construction based on Patterns, 2009, ISBN 978-91-7393-683-5. ABSTRACT

No 1241 Birgitta Lindström: Testability of Dynamic Real-Time Systems, 2009, ISBN 978-91-7393-695-8. ABSTRACT

No 1240 Fredrik Heintz: DyKnow: A Stream-Based Know-ledge Processing Middleware Framework, 2009, ISBN 978-91-7393-696-5. ABSTRACT

No 1238 Andreas Borg: Processes and Models for Capacity Requirements in Telecommunication Systems, 2009, ISBN 978-91-7393-700-9. ABSTRACT

No 1222 Anders Larsson: Test Optimization for Core-based System-on-Chip, 2008, ISBN 978-91-7393-768-9. ABSTRACT

No 1204 H. Joe Steinhauer: A Representation Scheme for Description and Reconstruction of Object Configurations Based on Qualitative Relations, 2008, ISBN 978-91-7393-823-5. ABSTRACT

No 1187 Imad-Eldin Ali Abugessaisa: Analytical Tools and Information-Sharing Methods Supporting Road Safety Organizations, 2008, ISBN 978-91-7393-887-7. ABSTRACT

No 1185 Jörgen Skågeby: Gifting Technologies - Ethnographic Studies of End-Users and Social Media Sharing, 2008, ISBN 978-91-7393-892-1. ABSTRACT

No 1183 Adrian Pop: Integrated Model-Driven Development Environments for Equation-Based Object-Oriented Languages, 2008, ISBN 978-91-7393-895-2. ABSTRACT

No 1156 Artur Wilk: Types for XML with Application to Xcerpt, 2008, ISBN 978-91-85895-08-3. ABSTRACT

No 1155 Beatrice Alenljung: Envisioning a Future Decision Support System for Requirements Engineering - A Holistic and Human-centred Perspective, 2008, ISBN 978-91-85895-11-3. ABSTRACT

No 1150 Sanny Syberfeldt: Optimistic Replication with Forward Conflict Resolution in Distributed Real-Time Databases, 2007, ISBN 978-91-85895-27-4. ABSTRACT

No 1143 Mehdi Amirijoo: QoS Control of Real-Time Data Services under Uncertain Workload, 2007, ISBN 978-91-85895-49-6. ABSTRACT

No 1139 Per Wikberg: Eliciting Knowledge from Experts in Modeling of Complex Systems: Managing Variation and Interactions, 2007, ISBN 978-91-85895-66-3. ABSTRACT

No 1127 Alexandru Andrei: Energy Efficient and Predictable Design of Real-time Embedded Systems, 2007, ISBN 978-91-85831-06-7. ABSTRACT

No 1120 Thomas Gustafsson: Management of Real-Time Data Consistency and Transient Overloads in Embedded Systems, ISBN 978-91-85831-33-3. ABSTRACT

No 1113 Pontus Wärnestål: Dialogue Behavior Management in Conversational Recommender Systems, ISBN 978-91-85831-47-0. ABSTRACT

No 1112 Jessica Lindblom: Minding the body - Interacting socially through embodied action, 2007, ISBN 978-91-85831-48-7. ABSTRACT

No 1110 He Tan: Aligning Biomedical Ontologies, 2007, ISBN 978-91-85831-56-2. ABSTRACT

No 1106 Per Ola Kristensson: Discrete and Continuous Shape Writing for Text Entry and Control, 2007, ISBN 978-91-85831-77-7. ABSTRACT

No 1091 Gustav Nordh: Complexity Dichotomies for CSP-related Problems, 2007, ISBN 978-91-85715-20-6. ABSTRACT

No 1089 Traian Pop: Analysis and Optimisation of Distributed Embedded Systems with Heterogeneous Scheduling Policies, 2007, ISBN 978-91-85715-27-5. ABSTRACT

No 1086 Ulf Johansson: Obtaining Accurate and Comprehensible Data Mining Models - An Evolutionary Approach, 2007, ISBN 978-91-85715-34-3. ABSTRACT

No 1083 Jesper Andersson: Dynamic Software Architectures, 2007, ISBN 978-91-85715-46-6. ABSTRACT

No 1079 Magnus Wahlström: Algorithms, measures, and upper bounds for satisfiability and related problems, 2007, ISBN 978-91-85715-55-8. ABSTRACT

No 1075 Almut Herzog: Usable Security Policies for Runtime Environments, 2007, ISBN 978-91-85715-65-7. ABSTRACT

No 1073 Mats Grindal: Handling Combinatorial Explosion in Software Testing, 2007, ISBN 978-91-85715-74-9. ABSTRACT

No 1061 Cécile Åberg: An Evaluation Platform for Semantic Web Technology, 2006, ISBN 91-85643-31-9. ABSTRACT

No 1054 Åsa Hedenskog: Perceive those things which cannot be seen - A Cognitive Systems Engineering perspective on requirements management, 2006, ISBN 91-85643-57-2. ABSTRACT

No 1051 Yu-Hsing Huang: Having a New Pair of Glasses - Applying Systemic Accident Models on Road Safety, 2006, ISBN 91-85643-64-5. ABSTRACT

No 1045 Genevieve Gorrell: Generalized Hebbian Algorithms for Dimensionality Reduction in Natural Language Processing, 2006, ISBN 91-85643-88-2. ABSTRACT

No 1035 Vaida Jakoniene: Integration of Biological Data, 2006, ISBN 91-85523-28-3. ABSTRACT

No 1034 Jon Edvardsson: Techniques for Automatic Generation of Tests from Programs and Specifications, 2006, ISBN 91-85523-31-3. ABSTRACT

No 1030 Robert Nilsson: A Mutation-based Framework for Automated Testing of Timeliness, 2006, ISBN 91-85523-35-6. ABSTRACT

No 1022 Peter Aronsson: Automatic Parallelization of Equation-Based Simulation Programs, 2006, ISBN 91-85523-68-2. ABSTRACT

No 1021 Andrzej Bednarski: Integrated Optimal Code Generation for Digital Signal Processors, 2006, ISBN 91-85523-69-0. ABSTRACT

No 1019 Tarja Susi: The Puzzle of Social Activity - The Significance of Tools in Cognition and Cooperation, 2006, ISBN 91-85523-71-2. ABSTRACT

No 1018 Ioan Chisalita: Communication and Networking Techniques for Traffic Safety Systems, 2006, ISBN 91-85523-77-1. ABSTRACT

No 1017 Daniel Karlsson: Verification of Component-based Embedded System Designs, 2006, ISBN 91-85523-79-8. ABSTRACT

No 1016 Levon Saldamli: PDEModelica - A High- Level Language for Modeling with Partial Differential Equations, 2006, ISBN 91-85523-84-4. ABSTRACT

No 1013 Wilhelm Dahllöf: Exact Algorithms for Exact Satisfiability Problems, 2006, ISBN 91-85523-97-6. ABSTRACT

No 1009 Iakov Nakhimovski: Contributions to the Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Systems with Detailed Contact Analysis, 2006, ISBN 91-85497-43-X. ABSTRACT

No 1008 David Dinka: Role, Identity and Work:Extending the design and development agenda, 2006, ISBN 91-85497-42-8. ABSTRACT

No 1005 Aleksandra Tesanovic: Developing Reusable and Reconfigurable Real-Time Software using Aspects and Components, 2006, ISBN 91-85497-29-0. ABSTRACT

No 1004 Patrik Haslum: Admissible Heuristics for Automated Planning, 2006, ISBN 91-85497-28-2. ABSTRACT

No 986 Yuxiao Zhao: Standards-Based Application Integration for Business-to-Business Communications, 2005, ISBN 91-85457-66-3. ABSTRACT

No 983 Sorin Manolache: Analysis and Optimisation of Real-Time Systems with Stochastic Behaviour, 2005, ISBN 91-85457-60-4. ABSTRACT

No 979 Claudiu Duma: Security and Trust Mechanisms for Groups in Distributed Services, 2005, ISBN 91-85457-54-X. ABSTRACT

No 974 Dan Lawesson: An Approach to Diagnosability Analysis for Interacting Finite State Systems, 2005, ISBN 91-85457-39-6. ABSTRACT

No 972 Björn Johansson: Joint Control in Dynamic Situations, 2005, ISBN 91-85457-31-0. ABSTRACT

No 963 Calin Curescu: Utility-based Optimisation of Resource Allocation for Wireless Networks, 2005. ISBN 91-85457-07-8. ABSTRACT

No 947 Ola Angelsmark: Constructing Algorithms for Constraint Satisfaction and Related Problems - Methods and Applications, 2005, ISBN 91-85297-99-2. ABSTRACT

No 946 Anders Arpteg: Intelligent Semi-Structured Information Extraction, 2005, ISBN 91-85297-98-4. ABSTRACT

No 945 Gert Jervan: Hybrid Built-In Self-Test and Test Generation Techniques for Digital Systems, 2005, ISBN: 91-85297-97-6. ABSTRACT

No 938 Bourhane Kadmiry: Fuzzy Gain-Scheduled Visual Servoing for Unmanned Helicopter, 2005, ISBN 91-85297-76-3. ABSTRACT

No 937 Jonas Kvarnström: TALplanner and Other Extensions to Temporal Action Logic, 2005, ISBN 91-85297-75-5. ABSTRACT

No 933 Mikael Cäker: Management Accounting as Constructing and Opposing Customer Focus: Three Case Studies on Management Accounting and Customer Relations, 2005, ISBN 91-85297-64-X. ABSTRACT

No 929 Diana Szentivanyi: Performance Studies of Fault-Tolerant Middleware, 2005, ISBN 91-85297-58-5. ABSTRACT

No 920 Luis Alejandro Cortés: Verification and Scheduling Techniques for Real-Time Embedded Systems, 2004, ISBN 91-85297-21-6. ABSTRACT

No 918 Jonas Lundberg: Shaping Electronic News: Genre Perspectives on Interaction Design, 2004, ISBN 91-85297-14-3. ABSTRACT

No 910 Magnus Kald: In the Borderland between Strategy and Management Control - Theoretical Framework and Empirical Evidence, 2004, ISBN 91-85295-82-5. ABSTRACT

No 900 Mattias Arvola: Shades of use: The dynamics of interaction design for sociable use, 2004, ISBN 91-85295-42-6. ABSTRACT

No 893 Pernilla Qvarfordt: Eyes on Multimodal Interaction, 2004, ISBN 91-85295-30-2. ABSTRACT

No 889 Zhiping Wang: Capacity-Constrained Production-inventory systems - Modelling and Analysis in both a traditional and an e-business context, 2004, ISBN 91-85295-08-6. ABSTRACT

No 887 Anders Lindström: English and other Foreign Linquistic Elements in Spoken Swedish. Studies of Productive Processes and their Modelling using Finite-State Tools, 2004, ISBN 91-7373-981-2. ABSTRACT

No 883 Magnus Bång: Computing at the Speed of Paper: Ubiquitous Computing Environments for Healthcare Professionals, 2004, ISBN 91-7373-971-5. ABSTRACT

No 882 Robert Eklund: Disfluency in Swedish human-human and human-machine travel booking dialogues, 2004. ISBN 91-7373-966-9. ABSTRACT

No 876 Jonas Mellin: Resource-Predictable and Efficient Monitoring of Events, 2004, ISBN 91-7373-956-1. ABSTRACT

No 874 Annika Flycht-Eriksson: Design and Use of Ontologies in Information-Providing Dialogue Systems, 2004, ISBN 91-7373-947-2. ABSTRACT

No 873 Peter Bunus: Debugging Techniques for Equation-Based Languages, 2004, ISBN 91-7373-941-3. ABSTRACT

No 872 Aseel Berglund: Augmenting the Remote Control: Studies in Complex Information Navigation for Digital TV, 2004, ISBN 91-7373-940-5. ABSTRACT

No 870 Linda Askenäs: The Roles of IT - Studies of Organising when Implementing and Using Enterprise Systems, 2004, ISBN 91-7373-936-7. ABSTRACT

No 869 Jo Skåmedal: Telecommuting’s Implications on Travel and Travel Patterns, 2004, ISBN 91-7373-935-9. ABSTRACT

No 867 Erik Herzog: An Approach to Systems Engineering Tool Data Representation and Exchange, 2004, ISBN 91-7373-929-4. ABSTRACT

No 852 Johan Moe: Observing the Dynamic Behaviour of Large Distributed Systems to Improve Development and Testing - An Emperical Study in Software Engineering, 2003, ISBN 91-7373-779-8. ABSTRACT

No 833 Paul Pop: Analysis and Synthesis of Communication-Intensive Heterogeneous Real-Time Systems, 2003, ISBN 91-7373-683-X. ABSTRACT

No 828 Tobias Ritzau: Memory Efficient Hard Real-Time Garbage Collection, 2003, ISBN 91-7373-666-X. ABSTRACT

No 823 Christina Ölvingson: On Development of Information Systems with GIS Functionality in Public Health Informatics: A Requirements Engineering Approach, 2003, ISBN 91-7373-656-2. ABSTRACT

No 821 Mikael Kindborg: Concurrent Comics - programming of social agents by children, 2003, ISBN 91-7373-651-1. ABSTRACT

No 808 Klas Gäre: Tre perspektiv på förväntningar och förändringar i samband med införande av informationsystem, 2003, ISBN 91-7373-618-X. ABSTRACT

No 800 Lars Taxén: A Framework for the Coordination of Complex Systems´ Development, 2003, ISBN 91-7373-604-X. ABSTRACT

No 793 Asmus Pandikow: A Generic Principle for Enabling Interoperability of Structured and Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Tools, 2002, ISBN 91-7373-479-9. ABSTRACT

No 785 Lars Hult: Publika Informationstjänster. En studie av den Internetbaserade encyklopedins bruksegenskaper, 2003, ISBN 91-7373-461-6. ABSTRACT

No 779 Mathias Broxvall: A Study in the Computational Complexity of Temporal, 2002, ISBN 91-7373-440-3. ABSTRACT

No 774 Choong-ho Yi: Modelling Object-Oriented Dynamic Systems Using a Logic-Based Framework, 2002, ISBN 91-7373-424-1. ABSTRACT

No 772 Pawel Pietrzak: A Type-Based Framework for Locating Errors in Constraint Logic Programs, 2002, ISBN 91-7373-422-5. ABSTRACT

No 771 Magnus Morin: Multimedia Representations of Distributed Tactical Operations, 2002, ISBN 91-7373-421-7. ABSTRACT

No 765 Stefan Holmlid: Adapting users: Towards a theory of use quality, 2002, ISBN 91-7373-397-0. ABSTRACT

No 758 Erik Berglund: Library Communication Among Programmers Worldwide, 2002, ISBN 91-7373-349-0. ABSTRACT

No 757 Henrik André-Jönsson: Indexing Strategies for Time Series Data, 2002, ISBN 917373-346-6. ABSTRACT

No 749 Sofie Pilemalm: Information Technology for Non-Profit Organisations - Extended Participatory Design of an Information System for Trade Union Shop Stewards, 2002, ISBN 91-7373-318-0. ABSTRACT

No 747 Anneli Hagdahl: Development of IT-suppor-ted Inter-organisational Collaboration - A Case Study in the Swedish Public Sector, 2002, ISBN 91-7373-314-8. ABSTRACT

No 746 Rego Granlund: Monitoring Distributed Teamwork Training, 2002, ISBN 91-7373-312-1. ABSTRACT

No 745 Johan Åberg: Live Help Systems: An Approach to Intelligent Help for Web Information Systems, 2002, ISBN 91-7373-311-3. ABSTRACT

No 732 Juha Takkinen: From Information Management to Task Management in Electronic Mail, 2002, ISBN 91 7373 258 3. ABSTRACT

No 726 Pär Carlshamre: A Usability Perspective on Requirements Engineering - From Methodology to Product Development, 2001, ISBN 91 7373 212 5. ABSTRACT

No 725 Tim Heyer: Semantic Inspection of Software Artifacts: From Theory to Practice, 2001, ISBN 91 7373 208 7. ABSTRACT

No 724 Paul Scerri: Designing Agents for Systems with Adjustable Autonomy, 2001, ISBN 91 7373 207 9. ABSTRACT

No 720 Carl-Johan Petri: Organizational Information Provision - Managing Mandatory and Discretionary Use of Information Technology, 2001, ISBN-91-7373-126-9. ABSTRACT

No 689 Joakim Gustafsson: Extending Temporal Action Logic, 2001, ISBN 91-7373-017-3. ABSTRACT

No 688 Marcus Bjäreland: Model-based Execution Monitoring, 2001, ISBN 91-7373-016-5. ABSTRACT

No 660 Erik Larsson: An Integrated System-Level Design for Testability Methodology, 2000, ISBN 91-7219-890-7. ABSTRACT

No 639 Per-Arne Persson: Bringing Power and Knowledge Together: Information Systems Design for Autonomy and Control in Command Work, 2000, ISBN 91-7219-796-X. ABSTRACT

No 637 Esa Falkenroth: Database Technology for Control and Simulation, 2000, ISBN 91-7219-766-8. ABSTRACT

No 627 Vadim Engelson: Tools for Design, Interactive Simulation, and Visualization of Object-Oriented Models in Scientific Computing, 2000, ISBN 91-7219-709-9. ABSTRACT

No 618 Jimmy Tjäder: Systemimplementering i praktiken - En studie av logiker i fyra projekt, 1999, ISBN 91-7219-657-2. ABSTRACT

No 613 Man Lin: Analysis and Synthesis of Reactive Systems: A Generic Layered Architecture Perspective, 1999, ISBN 91-7219-630-0. ABSTRACT

No 611 Silvia Coradeschi: Anchoring symbols to sensory data, 1999, ISBN 91-7219-623-8. ABSTRACT

No 607 Magnus Merkel: Understanding and enhancing translation by parallel text processing, 1999, ISBN 91-7219-614-9. ABSTRACT

No 598 Johan Jenvald: Methods and Tools in Computer-Supported Taskforce Training, 1999, ISBN 91-7219-547-9. ABSTRACT

No 597 Vivian Vimarlund: An Economic Perspective on the Analysis of Impacts of Information Technology: From Case Studies in Health-Care towards General Models and Theories, 1999, ISBN 91-7219-544-4. ABSTRACT

No 596 Niklas Hallberg: Incorporating User Values in the Design of Information Systems and Services in the Public Sector: A Methods Approach, 1999, ISBN 91-7219-543-6. ABSTRACT

No 595 Jörgen Hansson: Value-Driven Multi-Class Overload Management in Real-Time Database Systems, 1999, ISBN 91-7219-542-8. ABSTRACT

No 594 C. G. Mikael Johansson: Social and Organizational Aspects of Requirements Engineering Methods - A practice-oriented approach, 1999, ISBN 91-7219-541-X. ABSTRACT

No 593 Lars Karlsson: Actions, Interactions and Narratives, 1999, ISBN 91-7219-534-7. ABSTRACT

No 592 Mikael Ericsson: Supporting the Use of Design Knowledge - An Assessment of Commenting Agents, 1999, ISBN 91-7219-532-0. ABSTRACT

No 589 Rita Kovordányi: Modeling and Simulating Inhibitory Mechanisms in Mental Image Reinterpretation - Towards Cooperative Human-Computer Creativity, 1999, ISBN 91-7219-506-1. ABSTRACT

No 582 Vanja Josifovski: Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Distributed Mediator System for Data Integration, 1999, ISBN 91-7219-482-0. ABSTRACT

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