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Licentiate Theses

Linköping Studies in Science and Technology and Filosofiska fakulteten FiF-avhandling

No 1780 Olov Andersson: Methods for Scalable and Safe Robot Learning, 2017. ABSTRACT

No 1777 Anders Andersson: Extensions for Distributed Moving Base Driving Simulators, 2017. ABSTRACT

No 1771 Andreas Löfwenmark: Timing Predictability in Future Multi-Core Avionics Systems, 2017. ABSTRACT

No 1732 Vladislavs Jahundovics: Automatic Verification of Parameterized Sytems by Over-Approximation, 2015. ABSTRACT

No 1722 Mikael Nilsson: Efficient Temporal Reasoning with Uncertainty, 2015. ABSTRACT

No 1716 Mahder Gebremedhin: Automatic and Explicit Parallelization Approaches for Mathematical Simulation Models, 2015. ABSTRACT

No 1715 Nicolas Melot: Energy-Efficient Computing over Streams with Massively Parallel Architectures, 2015. ABSTRACT

No 1688 Erik Hansson: Code Generation and Global Optimization Techniques for a Reconfigurable PRAM-NUMA Multicore Architecture, 2014. ABSTRACT

No 1683 Zlatan Dragisic: Completing the Is-a Structure in Description Logics Ontologies, 2014. ABSTRACT

No 1657 Kiril Kiryazov: Grounding Emotion Appraisal in Autonomous Humanoids, 2014. ABSTRACT

No 1647 Dag Sonntag: A Study of Chain Graph Interpretations, 2014. ABSTRACT

No 1644 Valentina Ivanova: Integration of Ontology Alignment and Ontology Debugging for Taxonomy Networks, 2014. ABSTRACT

No 1627 Ekhiotz Vergara: Exploiting Energy Awareness in Mobile Communication, 2013. ABSTRACT

No 1624 Maria Vasilevskaya: Designing Security-enhanced Embedded Systems: Bridging Two Islands of Expertise, 2013. ABSTRACT

No 1606 Karl Hammar: Towards an Ontology Design Pattern Quality Model, 2013. ABSTRACT

No 1592 Martin Sjölund: Tools for Understanding, Debugging, and Simulation Performance Improvement of Equation-Based Models, 2013. ABSTRACT

No 1589 Amy Rankin: Resilience in High Risk Work: Analysing Adaptive Performance, 2013. ABSTRACT

No 1588 Banafsheh Khademhosseinieh: Towards an Approach for Efficiency Evaluation of Enterprise Modeling Methods, 2013. ABSTRACT

No 1586 Massimiliano Raciti: Anomaly Detection and its Adaptation: Studies on Cyber-physical Systems, 2013. ABSTRACT

No 1582 Dennis Andersson: Mission Experience: How to Model and Capture it to Support Dissemination and Knowledge Transfer, 2013. ABSTRACT

No 1558 Dimitar Nikolov: Optimizing Fault Tolerance for Real-Time Systems, 2012. ABSTRACT

No 1550 Anders Fröberg: Models and Tools for Distributed User Interface Development, 2012. ABSTRACT

No 1523 Jody Foo: Computational Terminology: Exploring Bilingual and Monolingual Term Extraction, 2012. ABSTRACT

No 1513 Anders Carstensen: The Evolution of the Connector View Concept: Enterprise Models for Interoperability Solutions in the Extended Enterprise, 2011. ABSTRACT

No 1510 Piotr Rudol: Increasing Autonomy of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Through the Use of Imaging Sensors, 2011. ABSTRACT

No 1509 Mariusz Wzorek: Selected Aspects of Navigation and Path Planning in Unmanned Aircraft Systems, 2011. ABSTRACT

No 1507 Kristian Stavåker: Contributions to Simulation of Equation-Based Models on Graphics Processing Units, 2011. ABSTRACT

No 1506 David Landén: Complex Task Allocation for Delegation: From Theory to Practice, 2011. ABSTRACT

No 1504 Usman Dastgeer: Skeleton Programming for Heterogeneous GPU-based Systems, 2011. ABSTRACT

No 1503 Jakob Rosén: Predictable Real-Time Applications on Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip, 2011. ABSTRACT

No 1490 Håkan Warnquist: Computer-Assisted Troubleshooting for Efficient Off-board Diagnosis, 2011. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 101 Johan Blomkvist: Conceptualising Prototypes in Service Design, 2011. ABSTRACT

No 1485 Loove Broms: Sustainable Interactions: Studies in the Design of Energy Awareness Artefacts, 2011. ABSTRACT

No 1481 Anna Vapen: Contributions to Web Authentication for Untrusted Computers, 2011. ABSTRACT

No 1476 Per-Magnus Olsson: Positioning Algorithms for Surveillance Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, 2011. ABSTRACT

No 1469 Ruxandra Pop : Mapping Concurrent Applications to Multiprocessor Systems with Multithreaded Processors and Network on Chip-Based Interconnections, 2011. ABSTRACT

No 1468 Qiang Liu: Dealing with Missing Mappings and Structure in a Network of Ontologies, 2011. ABSTRACT

No 1466 Mohammad Saifullah: Exploring Biologically Inspired Interactive Networks for Object Recognition, 2011. ABSTRACT

No 1459 Min Bao: System Level Techniques for Temperature-Aware Energy Optimization, 2010. ABSTRACT

No 1450 Fabian Segelström: Visualisations in Service Design, 2010. ABSTRACT

No 1427 Tommy Ellqvist: Supporting Scientific Collaboration through Workflows and Provenance, 2009. ABSTRACT

No 1421 Sara Stymne: Compound Processing for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation, 2009. ABSTRACT

No 1410 Rickard Holsmark: Deadlock Free Routing in Mesh Networks on Chip with Regions, 2009. ABSTRACT

No 1401 Annika Öhgren: Towards an Ontology Development Methodology for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, 2009. ABSTRACT

No 1393 Mattias Eriksson: Integrated Software Pipelining, 2009. ABSTRACT

No 1392 Maria Holmqvist: Word Alignment by Re-using Parallel Phrases, 2008. ABSTRACT

No 1387 Bahlol Rahimi: Implementation of Health Information Systems, 2008. ABSTRACT

No 1386 Mirko Thorstensson: Using Observers for Model Based Data Collection in Distributed Tactical Operations, 2008. ABSTRACT

No 1381 Håkan Lundvall: Automatic Parallelization using Pipelining for Equation-Based Simulation Languages, 2008. ABSTRACT

No 1373 Martin Östlund: Assistance Plus: 3D-mediated Advice-giving on Pharmaceutical Products, 2008. ABSTRACT

No 1371 Fredrik Lantz: Terrain Object Recognition and Context Fusion for Decision Support, 2008. ABSTRACT

No 1363 Per Nyblom: Dynamic Abstraction for Interleaved Task Planning and Execution, 2008. ABSTRACT

No 1361 Martin Karresand: Completing the Picture - Fragments and Back Again, 2008. ABSTRACT

No 1359 Jana Rambusch: Situated Play, 2008. ABSTRACT

No 1356 Erik Kuiper: Mobility and Routing in a Delay-tolerant Network of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, 2008. ABSTRACT

No 1353 Shanai Ardi: A Model and Implementation of a Security Plug-in for the Software Life Cycle, 2008. ABSTRACT

No 1351 Susanna Nilsson: A Holistic Approach to Usability Evaluations of Mixed Reality Systems, 2008. ABSTRACT

No 1339 Mikhail Chalabine: Invasive Interactive Parallelization, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1337 David Broman: Safety, Security, and Semantic Aspects of Equation-Based Object-Oriented Languages and Environments, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1333 Karin Camara: A Visual Query Language Served by a Multi-sensor Environment, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1332 Martin Fransson: Towards Individualized Drug Dosage - General Methods and Case Studies, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1331 Mikael Asplund: Restoring Consistency after Network Partitions, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1329 Martin Magnusson: Deductive Planning and Composite Actions in Temporal Action Logic, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1323 Magnus Lundqvist: Information Demand and Use: Improving Information Flow within Small-scale Business Contexts, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1320 Håkan Sundblad: Question Classification in Question Answering Systems, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1317 Jonas Elmqvist: Components, Safety Interfaces and Compositional Analysis, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1312 Henrik Svensson: Embodied simulation as off-line representation, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1313 Zhiyuan He: System-on-Chip Test Scheduling with Defect-Probability and Temperature Considerations, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1309 Ola Leifler: User-Centric Critiquing in Command and Control: The DKExpert and ComPlan Approaches, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1307 Gianpaolo Conte: Navigation Functionalities for an Autonomous UAV Helicopter, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1306 Gustaf Svedjemo: Ontology as Conceptual Schema when Modelling Historical Maps for Database Storage, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1305 Magnus Ingmarsson: Modelling User Tasks and Intentions for Service Discovery in Ubiquitous Computing, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1303 Daniel Andreasson: Slack-Time Aware Dynamic Routing Schemes for On-Chip Networks, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1302 Björn Hägglund: A Framework for Designing Constraint Stores, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1293 Jiri Trnka: Prerequisites for data sharing in emergency management, 2007. ABSTRACT

No 1286 Robert Kaminski: Towards an XML Document Restructuring Framework, 2006. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 91 Hanna Broberg: Verksamhetsanpassade IT-stöd - Designteori och metod, 2006. ABSTRACT

No 1283 Håkan Hasewinkel: A Blueprint for Using Commercial Games off the Shelf in Defence Training, Education and Research Simulations, 2006. ABSTRACT

No 1277 Viacheslav Izosimov: Scheduling and Optimization of Fault-Tolerant Embedded Systems, 2006. ABSTRACT

No 1272 Raquel Flodström: A Framework for the Strategic Management of Information Technology, 2006. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 90 Amra Halilovic: Ett praktikperspektiv på hantering av mjukvarukomponenter, 2006. ABSTRACT

No 1263 Misook Park-Westman: Managing Competence Development Programs in a Cross-Cultural Organisation- What are the Barriers and Enablers, 2006. ABSTRACT

No 1248 Karolina Eliasson: The Use of Case-Based Reasoning in a Human-Robot Dialog System, 2006. ABSTRACT

No 1244 Jörgen Skågeby: Public and Non-public gifting on the Internet, 2006. ABSTRACT

No 1233 Daniela Mihailescu: Implementation Methodology in Action: A Study of an Enterprise Systems Implementation Methodology, 2006. ABSTRACT

No 1231 Kalle Burbeck: Adaptive Real-time Anomaly Detection for Safeguarding Critical Networks, 2006. ABSTRACT

No 1229 Per Olof Pettersson: Sampling-based Path Planning for an Autonomous Helicopter, 2006. ABSTRACT

No 1228 Artur Wilk: Descriptive Types for XML Query Language Xcerpt. 2006. ABSTRACT

No 1225 He Tan: Aligning and Merging Biomedical Ontologies, 2006. ABSTRACT

No 1209 Andreas Käll: Översättningar av en managementmodell - En studie av införandet av Balanced Scorecard i ett landsting, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1207 John Wilander: Policy and Implementation Assurance for Software Security, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1206 Anders Larsson: System-on-Chip Test Scheduling and Test Infrastructure Design, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1204 Beatrice Alenljung: Decision-making in the Requirements Engineering Process: A Human-centered Approach, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1194 Dennis Maciuszek: Towards Dependable Virtual Companions for Later Life, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1192 Nicklas Bergfeldt: Towards Detached Communication for Robot Cooperation, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1191 Andreas Hansson: Increasing the Storage Capacity of Recursive Auto-associative Memory by Segmenting Data, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1190 David Dinka: Role and Identity - Experience of technology in professional settings, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1185 Maria Kollberg: Beyond IT and Productivity - Effects of Digitized Information Flows in the Logging Industry, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1184 Åsa Horzella: Beyond IT and Productivity - Effects of Digitized Information Flows in Grocery Distribution, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1183 Mathias Cöster: Beyond IT and Productivity - How Digitization Transformed the Graphic Industry, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1172 Petter Ahlström: Affärsstrategier för seniorbostadsmarknaden, 2005. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 86 Jan Olausson: Att modellera uppdrag - grunder för förståelse av processinriktade informationssystem i transaktionsintensiva verksamheter, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1171 Yu-Hsing Huang: A systemic traffic accident model, 2005. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 85 Anders Forsman: Standardisering som grund för informationssamverkan och IT-tjänster - En fallstudie baserad på trafikinformationstjänsten RDS-TMC, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1168 Cécile Åberg: Integration of organizational workflows and the Semantic Web, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1167 Christina Keller: Virtual Learning Environments in higher education. A study of students’ acceptance of educational technology, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1166 Emma Larsdotter Nilsson: Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization of Metabolic Pathways Using Modelica, 2005.

FiF-a 84 Jenny Lagsten: Verksamhetsutvecklande utvärdering i informationssystemprojekt, 2005.

No 1165 Fidel Vascós Palacios: On the information exchange between physicians and social insurance officers in the sick leave process: an Activity Theoretical perspective, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1162 Adrian Pop: Contributions to Meta-Modeling Tools and Methods, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1156 Abdil Rashid Mohamed: High-Level Techniques for Built-In Self-Test Resources Optimization, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1149 Vaida Jakoniené: A Study in Integrating Multiple Biological Data Sources, 2005. ABSTRACT

No 1138 Thomas Gustafsson: Maintaining Data Consistency im Embedded Databases for Vehicular Systems, 2004. ABSTRACT

No 1132 Pär-Anders Albinsson: Interacting with Command and Control Systems: Tools for Operators and Designers, 2004. ABSTRACT

No 1130 Ioan Chisalita: Safety-Oriented Communication in Mobile Networks for Vehicles, 2004. ABSTRACT

No 1127 Per-Ola Kristensson: Large Vocabulary Shorthand Writing on Stylus Keyboard, 2004. ABSTRACT

No 1126 Andreas Borg: Contribution to Management and Validation of Non-Functional Requirements, 2004. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 77 Ulf Larsson: Designarbete i dialog - karaktärisering av interaktionen mellan användare och utvecklare i en systemutvecklingsprocess, 2004. ABSTRACT

No 1116 Henrik Sällberg: On the value of customer loyalty programs - A study of point programs and switching costs, 2004. ABSTRACT

No 1110 Hans Nässla: Intra-Family Information Flow and Prospects for Communication Systems, 2004. ABSTRACT

No 1099 Sonia Sangari: Computational Models of Some Communicative Head Movements, 2004. ABSTRACT

No 1095 Ulf Johansson: Rule Extraction - the Key to Accurate and Comprehensible Data Mining Models, 2004. ABSTRACT

No 1094 Genevieve Gorrell: Language Modelling and Error Handling in Spoken Dialogue Systems, 2004. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 74 Björn Johansson: Deciding on Using Application Service Provision in SMEs, 2004. ABSTRACT

No 1084 Charlotte Stoltz: Calling for Call Centres - A Study of Call Centre Locations in a Swedish Rural Region, 2004. ABSTRACT

No 1079 Pontus Johansson: Design and Development of Recommender Dialogue Systems, 2004. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 73 Anders Hjalmarsson: Att etablera och vidmakthålla förbättringsverksamhet - behovet av koordination och interaktion vid förändring av systemutvecklingsverksamheter, 2004. ABSTRACT

No 1058 Daniel Karlsson: Towards Formal Verification in a Component-based Reuse Methodology, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 1055 Carl Cederberg: Experiments in Indirect Fault Injection with Open Source and Industrial Software, 2003. ABSTRACT

Fif-a 71 Emma Eliason: Effektanalys av IT-systems handlingsutrymme, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 1054 Claudiu Duma: Security and Efficiency Tradeoffs in Multicast Group Key Management, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 1052 Åsa Hedenskog: Increasing the Automation of Radio Network Control, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 1049 Marcus Comstedt: Towards Fine-Grained Binary Composition through Link Time Weaving, 2003. ABSTRACT

Fif-a 69 Fredrik Ericsson: Information Technology for Learning and Acquiring of Work Knowledge, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 1034 Arja Vainio-Larsson: Designing for Use in a Future Context - Five Case Studies in Retrospect, 2003.ABSTRACT

No 1033 Peter Nilsson: Svenska bankers redovisningsval vid reservering för befarade kreditförluster - En studie vid införandet av nya redovisningsregler, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 1024 Aleksandra Tešanovic: Towards Aspectual Component-Based Real-Time System Development, 2003. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 65 Britt-Marie Johansson: Kundkommunikation på distans - en studie om kommunikationsmediets betydelse i affärstransaktioner, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 1022 Traian Pop: Scheduling and Optimisation of Heterogeneous Time/Event-Triggered Distributed Embedded Systems, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 1018 Björn Johansson: Feedforward Control in Dynamic Situations, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 1015 Anna Andersson: Management Information Systems in Process-oriented Healthcare Organisations, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 1010 Calin Curescu: Adaptive QoS-aware Resource Allocation for Wireless Networks, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 1008 Jens Gustavsson: Towards Unanticipated Runtime Software Evolution, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 1005 Alexander Siemers: Visualization of Dynamic Multibody Simulation With Special Reference to Contacts, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 1003 Pernilla Qvarfordt: User experience of spoken feedback in multimodal interaction, 2003. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 62 Lennart Ljung: Utveckling av en projektivitetsmodell - om organisationers förmåga att tillämpa projektarbetsformen, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 1001 Andrzej Bednarski: A Dynamic Programming Approach to Optimal Retargetable Code Generation for Irregular Architectures, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 1000 Anders Arpteg: Adaptive Semi-structured Information Extraction, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 999 Jon Edvardsson: Contributions to Program- and Specification-based Test Data Generation, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 991 Almut Herzog: Secure Execution Environment for Java Electronic Services, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 990 Levon Saldamli: PDEModelica - Towards a High-Level Language for Modeling with Partial Differential Equations, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 989 Iakov Nakhimovski: Modeling and Simulation of Contacting Flexible Bodies in Multibody Systems, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 988 Mattias Arvola: Good to use! : Use quality of multi-user applications in the home, 2003. ABSTRACT

No 985 Sorin Manolache: Schedulability Analysis of Real-Time Systems with Stochastic Task Execution Times, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 982 Diana Szentiványi: Performance and Availability Trade-offs in Fault-Tolerant Middleware, 2002. ABSTRACT

Fif-a 61 Fredrik Karlsson: Meta-Method for Method Configuration - A Rational Unified Process Case, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 973 Gert Jervan: High-Level Test Generation and Built-In Self-Test Techniques for Digital Systems, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 964 Peter Bunus: Debugging and Structural Analysis of Declarative Equation-Based Languages, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 958 Fredrika Berglund: Management Control and Strategy - a Case Study of Pharmaceutical Drug Development, 2002. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 58 Johan Petersson: Lokala elektroniska marknadsplatser - informationssystem för platsbundna affärer, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 956 Robert Sevenius: On the instruments of governance - A law & economics study of capital instruments in limited liability companies, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 942 Patrik Haslum: Prediction as a Knowledge Representation Problem: A Case Study in Model Design, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 938 Bourhane Kadmiry: Fuzzy Control of Unmanned Helicopter, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 933 Peter Aronsson: Automatic Parallelization of Simulation Code from Equation Based Simulation Languages, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 931 Fredrik Elg: Ett dynamiskt perspektiv på individuella skillnader av heuristisk kompetens, intelligens, mentala modeller, mål och konfidens i kontroll av mikrovärlden Moro, 2002. ABSTRACT

No 919 Luis Alejandro Cortes: A Petri Net Based Modeling and Verification Technique for Real-Time Embedded Systems, 2001. ABSTRACT

No 915 Niklas Sandell: Redovisning i skuggan av en bankkris - Värdering av fastigheter. 2001. ABSTRACT

Fif-a-51 Per Oscarsson: Informationssäkerhet i verksamheter - begrepp och modeller som stöd för förståelse av informationssäkerhet och dess hantering, 2001. ABSTRACT

Fif-a-49 Stefan Holgersson: IT-system och filtrering av verksamhetskunskap - kvalitetsproblem vid analyser och beslutsfattande som bygger på uppgifter hämtade från polisens IT-system, 2001.

No 917 Emma Hansson: Optionsprogram för anställda - en studie av svenska börsföretag, 2001. ABSTRACT

No 916 Susanne Odar: IT som stöd för strategiska beslut, en studie av datorimplementerade modeller av verksamhet som stöd för beslut om anskaffning av JAS 1982, 2002.

No 906 Lin Han: Secure and Scalable E-Service Software Delivery, 2001. ABSTRACT

No 894 Stefan Svarén: Styrning av investeringar i divisionaliserade företag - Ett koncernperspektiv, 2001. ABSTRACT

Fif-a 47 Per-Arne Segerkvist: Webbaserade imaginära organisationers samverkansformer: Informationssystemarkitektur och aktörssamverkan som förutsättningar för affärsprocesser2001. ABSTRACT

No 890 Annika Flycht-Eriksson: Domain Knowledge Management in Information-providing Dialogue systems, 2001. ABSTRACT

No 882 Yuxiao Zhao: XML-based Frameworks for Internet Commerce and an Implementation of B2B e-procurement, 2001. ABSTRACT

No 881 Johan Moe: Execution Tracing of Large Distributed Systems, 2001.

No 863 Dan Lawesson: Towards Behavioral Model Fault Isolation for Object Oriented Control Systems, 2000. ABSTRACT

No 854 Ola Pettersson: Deliberation in a Mobile Robot, 2000.

FiF-a 41 Benneth Christiansson: Att komponentbasera informationssystem - Vad säger teori och praktik?, 2000.

FiF-a 40 Henrik Lindberg: Webbaserade affärsprocesser - Möjligheter och begränsningar, 2000. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 37 Ewa Braf: Organisationers kunskapsverksamheter - en kritisk studie av ”knowledge management”, 2000. ABSTRACT

No 844 Mikael Cäker: Vad kostar kunden? Modeller för intern redovisning, 2000. ABSTRACT

No 842 Magnus Kald: The role of management control systems in strategic business units, 2000.

FiF-a 34 Göran Hultgren: Nätverksinriktad Förändringsanalys - perspektiv och metoder som stöd för förståelse och utveckling av affärsrelationer och informationssystem, 2000. ABSTRACT

No 832 Paul Pop: Scheduling and Communication Synthesis for Distributed Real-Time Systems, 2000.

No 823 Lars Hult: Publika Gränsytor - ett designexempel, 2000.

No 820 Jean Paul Meynard: Control of industrial robots through high-level task programming, 2000.

No 809 Flavius Gruian: Energy-Aware Design of Digital Systems, 2000.

No 808 Linda Askenäs: Affärssystemet - En studie om teknikens aktiva och passiva roll i en organisation, 2000.

FiF-a 32 Karin Hedström: Kunskapsanvändning och kunskapsutveckling hos verksamhetskonsulter - Erfarenheter från ett FOU-samarbete, 2000. ABSTRACT

No 807 Svein Bergum: Managerial communication in telework, 2000.

No 800 Anders Subotic: Software Quality Inspection, 1999.

No 791 Klas Gäre: Verksamhetsförändringar i samband med IS-införande, 1999.

No 790 Erik Berglund: Use-Oriented Documentation in Software Development, 1999.

No 788 Håkan Nilsson: Informationsteknik som drivkraft i granskningsprocessen - En studie av fyra revisionsbyråer, 2000. ABSTRACT

No 787 Charlotte Björkegren: Learning for the next project - Bearers and barriers in knowledge transfer within an organisation, 1999.

FiF-a 30 Pär J. Ågerfalk: Pragmatization of Information Systems - A Theoretical and Methodological Outline, 1999.

No 775 Anders Henriksson: Unique kernel diagnosis, 1999. ABSTRACT

No 769 Jesper Andersson: Towards Reactive Software Architectures, 1999.

No 766 Martin V. Howard: Designing dynamic visualizations of temporal data, 1999.

No 754 Magnus Lindahl: Bankens villkor i låneavtal vid kreditgivning till högt belånade företagsförvärv: En studie ur ett agentteoretiskt perspektiv, 2000.

No 753 Johan Alvehus: Mötets metaforer. En studie av berättelser om möten, 1999.

No 752 Jo Skåmedal: Arbete på distans och arbetsformens påverkan på resor och resmönster, 1999.

No 751 Anders Ferntoft: Elektronisk affärskommunikation - kontaktkostnader och kontaktprocesser mellan kunder och leverantörer på producentmarknader,1999.

No 748 Tobias Ritzau: Real-Time Reference Counting in RT-Java, 1999.

No 742 Pawel Pietrzak: Static Incorrectness Diagnosis of CLP (FD), 1999.

FiF-a 25 Bengt E W Andersson: Samverkande informationssystem mellan aktörer i offentliga åtaganden - En teori om aktörsarenor i samverkan om utbyte av information, 1998.

No 738 Joakim Eriksson: Specifying and Managing Rules in an Active Real-Time Database System, 1998.

No 737 Jonas Mellin: Predictable Event Monitoring, 1998.

FiF-a 22 Fredrik Öberg: Object-Oriented Frameworks - A New Strategy for Case Tool Development, 1998.

FiF-a 21 Ulf Seigerroth: Integration av förändringsmetoder - en modell för välgrundad metodintegration, 1999.

No 734 Anders Bäckström: Värdeskapande kreditgivning - Kreditriskhantering ur ett agentteoretiskt perspektiv, 1998.

No 733 Thomas Padron-McCarthy: Performance-Polymorphic Declarative Queries, 1998.

No 731 Åse Jansson: Miljöhänsyn - en del i företags styrning, 1998.

No 730 Carl-Johan Westin: Informationsförsörjning: en fråga om ansvar - aktiviteter och uppdrag i fem stora svenska organisationers operativa informationsförsörjning, 1998.

No 725 Erik Larsson: High-Level Testability Analysis and Enhancement Techniques, 1998.

No 723 Henrik André-Jönsson: Indexing time-series data using text indexing methods, 1999.

No 719 Joakim Gustafsson: Extending Temporal Action Logic for Ramification and Concurrency, 1998.

No 712 Christina Wennestam: Information om immateriella resurser. Investeringar i forskning och utveckling samt i personal inom skogsindustrin, 1998.

FiF-a 16 Marie-Therese Christiansson: Inter-organisatorisk verksamhetsutveckling - metoder som stöd vid utveckling av partnerskap och informationssystem, 1998.

No 700 Patrik Hägglund: Programming Languages for Computer Algebra, 1998.

No 695 Tim Heyer: COMPASS: Introduction of Formal Methods in Code Development and Inspection, 1998.

FiF-a 14 Ulf Melin: Informationssystem vid ökad affärs- och processorientering - egenskaper, strategier och utveckling, 1998.

No 676 Jan Håkegård: Hierarchical Test Architecture and Board-Level Test Controller Synthesis, 1998.

No 675 Jimmy Tjäder: Projektledaren & planen - en studie av projektledning i tre installations- och systemutvecklingsprojekt, 1998.

No 674 Marcus Bjäreland: Two Aspects of Automating Logics of Action and Change - Regression and Tractability, 1998.

No 668 Per-Ove Zetterlund: Normering av svensk redovisning - En studie av tillkomsten av Redovisningsrådets rekommendation om koncernredovisning (RR01:91), 1998.

FiF-a 13 Boris Karlsson: Metodanalys för förståelse och utveckling av systemutvecklingsverksamhet. Analys och värdering av systemutvecklingsmodeller och dess användning, 1997.

No 653 Mats Gustafsson: Bringing Role-Based Access Control to Distributed Systems, 1997.

No 643 Man Lin: Formal Analysis of Reactive Rule-based Programs, 1997.

No 640 Juha Takkinen: CAFE: Towards a Conceptual Model for Information Management in Electronic Mail, 1997. ABSTRACT

No 639 Jukka Mäki-Turja: Smalltalk - a suitable Real-Time Language, 1997.

No 631 Jens-Olof Lindh: Analysing Traffic Safety from a Case-Based Reasoning Perspective, 1997.

No 629 Gunilla Ivefors: Krigsspel coh Informationsteknik inför en oförutsägbar framtid, 1997.

No 627 Fredrik Eklund: Declarative Error Diagnosis of GAPLog Programs, 1997.

No 626 David Byers: Towards Estimating Software Testability Using Static Analysis, 1997.

No 623 Jan Ollinen: Det flexibla kontorets utveckling på Digital - Ett stöd för multiflex? 1997.

No 615 Silvia Coradeschi: A Decision-Mechanism for Reactive and Coordinated Agents, 1997. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 6/97 Tommy Wedlund: Att skapa en företagsanpassad systemutvecklingsmodell - genom rekonstruktion, värdering och vidareutveckling i T50-bolag inom ABB, 1997. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 4/97 Carita Åbom: Videomötesteknik i olika affärssituationer - möjligheter och hinder, 1997. ABSTRACT

No 609 Jonas S Karlsson: A Scalable Data Structure for a Parallel Data Server, 1997. ABSTRACT

No 607 Per-Arne Persson: Toward a Grounded Theory for Support of Command and Control in Military Coalitions, 1997. ABSTRACT

No 599 Peter Ingels: A Robust Text Processing Technique Applied to Lexical Error Recovery, 1997. ABSTRACT

No 598 Rego Granlund: C3Fire - A Microworld Supporting Emergency Management Training, 1997. ABSTRACT

No 597 Ling Lin: A Value-based Indexing Technique for Time Sequences, 1997. ABSTRACT

No 595 Annika Larsson: Ekonomisk Styrning och Organisatorisk Passion - ett interaktivt perspektiv, 1997. ABSTRACT

No 591 Niclas Wahllöf: A Default Extension to Description Logics and its Applications, 1996. ABSTRACT

No 589 Esa Falkenroth: Data Management in Control Applications - A Proposal Based on Active Database Systems, 1996. ABSTRACT

No 587 Jörgen Lindström: Chefers användning av kommunikationsteknik, 1996. ABSTRACT

No 576 Mikael Ericsson: Commenting Systems as Design Support—A Wizard-of-Oz Study, 1996. ABSTRACT

No 575 Niclas Ohlsson: Software Quality Engineering by Early Identification of Fault-Prone Modules, 1996. ABSTRACT

No 567 Johan Jenvald: Simulation and Data Collection in Battle Training, 1996. ABSTRACT

No 563 Niclas Andersson: Compilation of Mathematical Models to Parallel Code, 1996. ABSTRACT

No 561 Anders Ekman: Exploration of Polygonal Environments, 1996. ABSTRACT

No 558 Patrik Nordling: The Simulation of Rolling Bearing Dynamics on Parallel Computers, 1996. ABSTRACT

No 557 Mikael Johansson: Quality Functions for Requirements Engineering Methods, 1996. ABSTRACT

No 550 Kristina Larsen: Förutsättningar och begränsningar för arbete på distans - erfarenheter från fyra svenska företag. 1996. ABSTRACT

No 549 Jonas Hallberg: High-Level Synthesis under Local Timing Constraints, 1996. ABSTRACT

FiF-a 1/96 Mikael Lind: Affärsprocessinriktad förändringsanalys - utveckling och tillämpning av synsätt och metod, 1996. ABSTRACT

No 546 Magnus Werner: Multidatabase Integration using Polymorphic Queries and Views, 1996. ABSTRACT

No 545 Vadim Engelson: An Approach to Automatic Construction of Graphical User Interfaces for Applications in Scientific Computing, 1996. ABSTRACT

No 538 Staffan Flodin: Efficient Management of Object-Oriented Queries with Late Binding, 1996. ABSTRACT

No 522 Jörgen Andersson: Bilder av småföretagares ekonomistyrning, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 518 Göran Forslund: Toward Cooperative Advice-Giving Systems: The Expert Systems Experience, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 517 Jakob Axelsson: Schedulability-Driven Partitioning of Heterogeneous Real-Time Systems, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 513 Joachim Karlsson: Towards a Strategy for Software Requirements Selection, 1995. ABSTRACT

FHS 9/95 Malin Bergvall: Systemförvaltning i praktiken - en kvalitativ studie avseende centrala begrepp, aktiviteter och ansvarsroller, 1995. ABSTRACT

FHS 8/95 Dan Fristedt: Metoder i användning - mot förbättring av systemutveckling genom situationell metodkunskap och metodanalys, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 503 Hee-Cheol Kim: Prediction and Postdiction under Uncertainty, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 498 Stefan Svenberg: Structure-Driven Derivation of Inter-Lingual Functor-Argument Trees for Multi-Lingual Generation, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 497 Johan Herber: Environment Support for Building Structured Mathematical Models, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 489 Erik Stoy: A Petri Net Based Unified Representation for Hardware/Software Co-Design, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 488 Eva Toller: Contributions to Parallel Multiparadigm Languages: Combining Object-Oriented and Rule-Based Programming, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 482 Eva L Ragnemalm: Towards Student Modelling through Collaborative Dialogue with a Learning Companion, 1995. ABSTRACT

FHS 7/95 Anders Avdic: Arbetsintegrerad systemutveckling med kalkylkprogram, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 478 Peter Jonsson: Complexity of State-Variable Planning under Structural Restrictions, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 476 Bo Lagerström: Successiv resultatavräkning av pågående arbeten. - Fallstudier i tre byggföretag, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 475 Choong-ho Yi: Reasoning about Concurrent Actions in the Trajectory Semantics, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 473 Ulf Söderman: On Conceptual Modelling of Mode Switching Systems, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 469 Lars Karlsson: Specification and Synthesis of Plans Using the Features and Fluents Framework, 1995. ABSTRACT

No 464 Hans Olsén: Collage Induction: Proving Properties of Logic Programs by Program Synthesis, 1994. ABSTRACT

No 463 Fredrik Nilsson: Strategi och ekonomisk styrning - En studie av Sandviks förvärv av Bahco Verktyg, 1994. ABSTRACT

No 462 Mikael Lindvall: A Study of Traceability in Object-Oriented Systems Development, 1994. ABSTRACT

FHS 5/94 Stefan Cronholm: Varför CASE-verktyg i systemutveckling? - En motiv- och konsekvensstudie avseende arbetssätt och arbetsformer, 1994. ABSTRACT

No 455 Pär Carlshamre: A Collaborative Approach to Usability Engineering: Technical Communicators and System Developers in Usability-Oriented Systems Development, 1994. ABSTRACT

No 452 Martin Sköld: Active Rules based on Object Relational Queries - Efficient Change Monitoring Techniques, 1994. ABSTRACT

No 451 Jonas Lind: Creditor - Firm Relations: an Interdisciplinary Analysis, 1994. ABSTRACT

No 450 Henrik Nilsson: A Declarative Approach to Debugging for Lazy Functional Languages, 1994. ABSTRACT

No 446 Gustav Fahl: Object Views of Relational Data in Multidatabase Systems, 1994. ABSTRACT

No 441 Lars Poignant: Informationsteknologi och företagsetablering - Effekter på produktivitet och region, 1994. ABSTRACT

FHS 4/94 Karin Pettersson: Informationssystemstrukturering, ansvarsfördelning och användarinflytande - En komparativ studie med utgångspunkt i två informationssystemstrategier, 1994. ABSTRACT

FHS 3/94 Owen Eriksson: Informationssystem med verksamhetskvalitet - utvärdering baserat på ett verksamhetsinriktat och samskapande perspektiv, 1994. ABSTRACT

No 440 Peter Loborg: Error Recovery Support in Manufacturing Control Systems, 1994. ABSTRACT

No 437 Lars Viklund: Contributions to a High-level Programming Environment for a Scientific Computing, 1994. ABSTRACT

No 436 Cecilia Sjöberg: Voices in Design: Argumentation in Participatory Development, 1994. ABSTRACT

No 417 Camilla Sjöström: Revision och lagreglering - ett historiskt perspektiv, 1994. ABSTRACT

No 414 Peter Carlsson: Separation av företagsledning och finansiering - fallstudier av företagsledarutköp ur ett agentteoretiskt perspektiv, 1994. ABSTRACT

No 406 Anna Moberg: Satellitkontor - en studie av kommunikationsmönster vid arbete på distans, 1993. ABSTRACT

No 402 Lars Degerstedt: Tabulated Resolution for Well Founded Semantics, 1993. ABSTRACT

No 398 Johan Boye: Dependency-based Groudness Analysis of Functional Logic Programs, 1993. ABSTRACT

No 386 Per Österling: Symbolic Modelling of the Dynamic Environments of Autonomous Agents, 1993. ABSTRACT

No 383 Jonni Harrius: An Architecture and a Knowledge Representation Model for Expert Critiquing Systems, 1993. ABSTRACT

No 381 Michael Jansson: Propagation of Change in an Intelligent Information System, 1993. ABSTRACT

No 380 Johan Ringström: Compiler Generation for Parallel Languages from Denotational Specifications, 1993. ABSTRACT

No 378 Mats Larsson: A Transformational Approach to Formal Digital System Design, 1993. ABSTRACT

No 371 Mehran Noghabai: Evaluation of Strategic Investments in Information Technology, 1993. ABSTRACT

No 352 Magnus Morin: Predictable Cyclic Computations in Autonomous Systems: A Computational Model and Implementation, 1992. ABSTRACT

No 348 Ulf Cederling: Industrial Software Development - a Case Study, 1992. ABSTRACT

No 335 Torbjörn Näslund: On the Role of Evaluations in Iterative Development of Managerial Support Sytems, 1992. ABSTRACT

No 333 Xinli Gu: Testability Analysis and Improvement in High-Level Synthesis Systems, 1992. ABSTRACT

No 328 Patrick Lambrix: Aspects of Version Management of Composite Objects, 1992. ABSTRACT

No 326 Andreas Kågedal: Logic Programming with External Procedures: an Implementation, 1992. ABSTRACT

No 319 Mikael Pettersson: DML-A Language and System for the Generation of Efficient Compilers from Denotational Specification, 1992. ABSTRACT

No 318 Lena Srömbäck: Studies in Extended Unification-Based Formalism for Linguistic Description: An Algorithm for Feature Structures with Disjunction and a Proposal for Flexible Systems, 1992. ABSTRACT

No 298 Rolf G Larsson: Aktivitetsbaserad kalkylering i ett nytt ekonomisystem, 1991. ABSTRACT

No 283 Olof Johansson: Improving Implementation of Graphical User Interfaces for Object-Oriented Knowledge-Bases, 1991. ABSTRACT

No 260 Peter D. Holmes: Using Connectivity Graphs to Support Map-Related Reasoning, 1991. ABSTRACT

No 253 Torbjörn Näslund: SLDFA-Resolution - Computing Answers for Negative Queries, 1990. ABSTRACT

No 250 Lars Strömberg: Postmortem Debugging of Distributed Systems, 1990. ABSTRACT

No 237 Tomas Sokolnicki: Coaching Partial Plans: An Approach to Knowledge-Based Tutoring, 1990. ABSTRACT

No 230 Patrick Doherty: A Three-Valued Approach to Non-Monotonic Reasoning, 1990. ABSTRACT

No 212 Björn Fjellborg: An Approach to Extraction of Pipeline Structures for VLSI High-Level Synthesis, 1990. ABSTRACT

No 203 Christer Hansson: A Prototype System for Logical Reasoning about Time and Action, 1990. ABSTRACT

No 197 Staffan Bonnier: Horn Clause Logic with External Procedures: Towards a Theoretical Framework, 1989. ABSTRACT

No 196 Ulf Nilsson: A Systematic Approach to Abstract Interpretation of Logic Programs, 1989. ABSTRACT

No 189 Magnus Merkel: Temporal Information in Natural Language, 1989. ABSTRACT

No 187 Simin Nadjm-Tehrani: Contributions to the Declarative Approach to Debugging Prolog Programs, 1989. ABSTRACT

No 184 Ivan Rankin: The Deep Generation of Text in Expert Critiquing Systems, 1989. ABSTRACT

No 181 Henrik Eriksson: A Study in Domain-Oriented Tool Support for Knowledge Acquisition, 1989. ABSTRACT

No 177 Peter Åberg: Design of a Multiple View Presentation and Interaction Manager, 1989. ABSTRACT

No 174 Yngve Larsson: Dynamic Configuration in a Distributed Environment, 1989. ABSTRACT

No 166 Ola Petersson: On Adaptive Sorting in Sequential and Parallel Models, 1989. ABSTRACT

No 165 Jonas Löwgren: Supporting Design and Management of Expert System User Interfaces, 1989. ABSTRACT

No 150 Tim Hansen: Diagnosing Faults using Knowledge about Malfunctioning Behavior, 1988. ABSTRACT

No 146 Johan Hultman: A Software System for Defining and Controlling Actions in a Mechanical System, 1988. ABSTRACT

No 140 Mats Wirén: On Control Strategies and Incrementality in Unification-Based Chart Parsing, 1988. ABSTRACT

No 139 Christer Bäckström: Reasoning about Interdependent Actions, 1988. ABSTRACT

No 127 Kristian Sandahl: Case Studies in Knowledge Acquisition, Migration and User Acceptance of Expert Systems, 1987. ABSTRACT

No 126 Dan Strömberg: Transfer and Distribution of Application Programs, 1987. ABSTRACT

No 118 Mariam Kamkar, Nahid Shahmehri: Affect-Chaining in Program Flow Analysis Applied to Queries of Programs, 1987. ABSTRACT

No 113 Ralph Rönnquist: Network and Lattice Based Approaches to the Representation of Knowledge, 1987. ABSTRACT

No 111 Hans Block: SPORT-SORT Sorting Algorithms and Sport Tournaments, 1987. ABSTRACT

No 108 Rober Bilos: Incremental Scanning and Token-Based Editing, 1987. ABSTRACT

No 104 Shamsul I. Chowdhury: Statistical Expert Systems - a Special Application Area for Knowledge-Based Computer Methodology, 1987. ABSTRACT

No 74 Christos Levcopoulos: New Results about the Approximation Behavior of the Greedy Triangulation, 1986. ABSTRACT

No 73 Ola Strömfors: A Structure Editor for Documents and Programs, 1986. ABSTRACT

No 72 Tony Larsson: On the Specification and Verification of VLSI Systems, 1986. ABSTRACT

No 71 Jalal Maleki: ICONStraint, A Dependency Directed Constraint Maintenance System, 1987. ABSTRACT

No 60 Johan Fagerström: Simulation and Evaluation of Architecture based on Asynchronous Processes, 1985. ABSTRACT

No 52 Zebo Peng: Steps Towards the Formalization of Designing VLSI Systems, 1985. ABSTRACT

No 48 Henrik Nordin: On the Use of Typical Cases for Knowledge-Based Consultation and Teaching, 1985. ABSTRACT

No 29 Johnny Eckerland: Retargeting of an Incremental Code Generator, 1984. ABSTRACT

No 28 Arne Jönsson, Mikael Patel: An Interactive Flowcharting Technique for Communicating and Realizing Algorithms, 1984. ABSTRACT

No 17 Vojin Plavsic: Interleaved Processing of Non-Numerical Data Stored on a Cyclic Memory. (Available at: FOA, Box 1165, S-581 11 Linköping, Sweden. FOA Report B30062E). ABSTRACT

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