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Publishing exercises and rarely occurring events for human factor researchers


Status Active - open for registrations
School IDA-gemensam (IDA)
Division COIN
Owner Peter Berggren

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Course plan

Recommended for

Interdisciplinary doctoral students interested in publishing research that is undertaken in real-world or single exercise contexts.


None. This course is open for all Ph. D students. To be involved in an action-oriented research project or writing a paper of this character (or ideas about it) at course start is helpful but not necessary.

Course objectives

The goal of this course is to provide an overview of different approaches and models for publishing research related to exercises or single events, for example large crisis response exercises, single events as forest fires.

Course structure

This course will be conducted as 3-5 lectures and 4-6 seminars between March and June 2023. The students are expected to attend the lectures/seminars and events, and prepare by reviewing material distributed beforehand, when applicable.

Course content

The educational activities in this course focus on
• Different structures for publishing research of this type
• Comparison of different academic fields and how these have approached the challenge
• Critical review of different examples
• Level of evidence on narrative, theory, problem, data, and analysis
• How to review case-study publications
The specific topics for the lectures/seminars are sent out with the course information after registering for the course.

Course schedule

The course schedule will be published at the start of the term (spring 2023) together with reading material.

Course examination

To pass this course, the students must:
• Attend the lectures/seminars and be active at the seminars.
• Prepare for each seminar by reviewing associated reading materials, including ongoing written assignment of course colleagues.
• Produce a written assignment during the course to be completed after the course. This may consist of an ongoing paper; however, it is not necessary.
• One seminar will be devoted to discussing each other’s course assignments.


6 ECTS credits.


Peter Berggren

Page responsible: Director of Graduate Studies