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KMC Research Seminar Series Fall Term 2021


Status Open for interest registrations
School IDA-gemensam (IDA)
Division COIN
Owner Erik Prytz

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Course plan

Recommended for

Doctoral students interested in research in societal safety and security, with particular focus on research topics within disaster and emergency medicine.

Course objectives

The goal of this course is to provide an overview of current research challenges connected to the general topic of societal safety and security, with particular focus on research topics within disaster and emergency medicine.

Course structure

The Center for Disaster Medicine and Traumatology (KMC) runs a research seminar series each semester. The seminar series typically consists of about six 2-hour seminars on various topics. This course is offered in conjunction with the seminars.

Doctoral students from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences that participate in the seminar series are offered 1.5 ECTS credits within the seminar block of their course requirements. This course is intended for doctoral students from other faculties at LiU to provide the same function.

The students are expected to attend the seminars and prepare by reviewing material before each seminar. A final written reflection assignment is given at the end of the semester.

Course content

The seminars in this course focuses on
1) general academic topics such as research ethics, academic writing, presentation techniques, or invited talks from support functions at LiU (e.g., the library, communication department),
2) specific topics within the scope of disaster medicine and societal safety and security, such as Kamedo-reports, invited talks from researchers and stakeholders, current research project at KMC or CARER, reviews of current important publications, and current events such as mass casualty incidents, and finally
3) review and support for current, on-going projects and manuscript produced by KMC or associated research groups, e.g. in the form of presentations of current projects, peer review of manuscripts, trial runs of conference presentations, PhD defense trial runs (provdisputation), and similar.

The specific topics for the seminars are sent out with the course information after registering for the course.

Course schedule

The dates for the seminars during fall term 2021 are:

27/8 13:00-15:00
24/9 13:00-15:00
22/10 13:00-15:00
26/11 13:00-15:00
17/12 13:00-15:00

Course examination

To pass this course, the students must:
1) Attend at least 80% of the seminars,
2) Prepare for each seminar by reviewing associated reading materials,
3) Produce a written reflection that reflects a) a relevant topic based on the seminars and b) the student's own research area.

The final reflection paper can be written in Swedish or English. The content should be novel and not re-used from other assignments or otherwise plagiarized or self-plagiarized. Common academic guidelines apply (correct, academic language; proper referencing according to an established reference system). A suitably insightful reflection is required to pass - that is, the reflection cannot merely recount the topics of a seminar without further analysis. The reflection must showcase the student's understanding of the seminar topic, and relate this at an intellectually non-trivial level to their own research topic.

Specifics concerning page requirements, formatting and similar is provided with the course information.


1.5 ECTS credits.

Recurring courses

The KMC research seminar series continues each semester with new topics. A new course is created for each semester. Students can sign up for each course and receive credits, up to a maximum of 6 credits total.

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