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Real-Time and Dependable Ethernet Communication with IEEE TSN standards


Status Active - open for registrations
School IDA-gemensam (IDA)
Division ESLAB
Owner Soheil Samii
Homepage https://www.ida.liu.se/~sohsa65/courses/tsn-course-2021/

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Course plan


Ethernet is already in use in many safety-critical systems such as avionics and industrial control, and is gaining traction in automotive systems due to the significant bandwidth needs of modern infotainment, active safety, and autonomous driving applications. This course will cover multiple aspects of real-time and dependable Ethernet communication: scheduling, synchronization, bandwidth reservation, preemption, and fault tolerance. The course covers the latest technology standards developed within IEEE 802, focusing in particular on the Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) standards developed within the IEEE 802.1 Working Group. The course content is very closely aligned with technology that is currently developed and planned to be used in many safety-critical system in industry, with examples from automotive and industrial control applications.


• History of and introduction to Ethernet; IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.1 working groups; Bridged LANs and VLANs; IEEE Std 802.1Q
• Real-time Ethernet technology landscape: AVB, TSN, AFDX, TT-Ethernet, EtherCAT, Profinet.
• Ethernet in real-time and embedded systems: automotive, avionics, and industrial control.
• Ethernet network topologies: full-duplex, switched, ring, star, line
• Real-time communication:
o Frame queuing and forwarding with fixed priorities (IEEE 802.1Q)
o Ethernet AVB: Stream reservation protocol; credit-based traffic shaping; IEEE 1722 AVB Transport Protocol for real-time control and multimedia
o Scheduled Traffic (IEEE Std 802.1Qbv-2015)
o Frame Preemption (IEEE Std 802.3br-2016 and 802.1Qbu-2016)
o Asynchronous Traffic Shaping (IEEE 802.1Qcr)
o Cyclic Queuing and Forwarding (IEEE 802.1Qch)
• Time synchronization:
o Generalized Precision-Time Protocol (gPTP); IEEE Std 802.1AS-2020
o IEEE 1588 one-step time synchronization
o Best Master Clock selection Algorithm (BMCA)
• Dependability:
o Ingress filtering and policing (IEEE 802.1Qci)
o Frame Replication and Elimination in ring topologies (IEEE 802.1CB)
o Fault tolerant time synchronization
• Security
o MAC security, integrity, and confidentiality (IEEE 802.1AE)
o Port authentication (IEEE 802.1X)
o Secure device identity and Public-Key Infrastructure (IEEE 802.1AR)
• Case study: Putting things together with a network architecture for autonomous vehicles


Term paper (participants can select among a list of provided topics or can propose their own topics)
Presentation and discussion at final seminar.




• Selected journal articles and conference papers
• Selected IEEE 802 standards

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