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Ethics of AI and interactive autonomous systems


Status Active - open for registrations
School IDA-gemensam (IDA)
Owner Tom Ziemke

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Course plan

No of lectures

6-8 seminars (exact number depends on number of participants)

Recommended for

The course is mainly intended for PhD students in cognitive science, computer science, design, and related disciplines.

The course was last given

The course was given as a PhD course (10 participants) autumn 2020. It was also given, in a slightly different form, as a separate masters course for cognitive science masters students (7 participants) autumn 2020.


The main goal is to familiarize students with ethical issues relevant to AI in general - and in particular human interaction with autonomous technologies, such as social robots or automated vehicles.


Some background in cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and/or human-computer interaction.


The course mainly consists of student presentations and seminars discussing background literature and recent articles.


The course addresses different ethical issues relevant to AI, with a focus on human interaction with autonomous technologies, such as social robots and automated vehicles. The course combines background literature on different ethical theories and frameworks with recent articles on current research issues (e.g. explainable AI) and current debates of societal relevance (e.g. autonomous weapon systems).


Coeckelbergh M (2020). AI Ethics. MIT Press.

+ recent research articles


Tom Ziemke


Tom Ziemke


Mandatory student presentations, active participation in seminar discussions, and coursework.


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