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Semantic Web Technologies


Status Active - open for registrations
School IDA-gemensam (IDA)
Division IDA
Owner Olaf Hartig
Homepage https://www.ida.liu.se/research/semanticweb/events/SemWebCourse2020/index.shtml

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Course plan


20 hours

Recommended for

Doctoral students in computer science

The course was last given

VT 2018


After the course the student should:
* Be able to understand and explain the basic ideas of the Semantic Web, including Linked Data and ontologies, and its related standards (RDF, OWL, SPARQL,...)
* Be able to understand, retrieve, load in a triple store, query (online or offline) and use existing RDF datasets from the Web
* Be able to use an ontology engineering methodology and ontology engineering tools to design and formalize a high-quality OWL ontology, based on a specific usage scenario (set of requirements)
* Be able to evaluate, align, and repair an OWL ontology, using current methods and tools for ontology alignment, evaluation, and repair
* Be able to understand and to explain how ontologies are typically used in applications
* Be able to build an application based on Semantic Web technologies (e.g., by using RDF data, OWL ontologies, etc.)
* Have a basic idea of the current research topics and open research problems in the field




* General introduction to the Semantic Web and Semantic Web technologies
* RDF data model and the SPARQL query language, storing and querying RDF data
* Storing, querying, generating, and providing access to RDF data
* Data quality and data cleaning in the Semantic Web
* Ontologies and ontology languages (RDFS, OWL)
* Ontology engineering
* Ontology evaluation, debugging and repairing
* Aligning ontologies; integrating and interlinking RDF data
* Schema and Constraints Languages for RDF


The course consists of an intense week of lectures and hands-on sessions; lab assignments, and project or term paper work.


Collection of articles


Patrick Lambrix, Eva Blomqvist, Olaf Hartig


Olaf Hartig


Attendance, lab exercises, and term paper or project



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