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Service Design Research


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School D! school (D!)
Owner Stefan Holmlid

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Course plan


This course is a foundational course for PhD students in the area between design and service.


The course will cover contemporary research topics within service design research, as well as the evolvement of the field of research. Relationships with other research areas will be highlighted, to show how the field builds on and is distinguished from other areas.

Credits given

6 hp


The PhDs can choose to either work with their thesis proposals, or for PhDs that cannot work on their thesis proposal with a basis in the course, will write a term paper.

Literature and format

The course will be built around current research publications within service design research, offline and online seminars, and all PhD students will study at least one PhD thesis within the field.

International connections

The course is one of three fundamental courses of the Marie Curie PhD school SDIN. It will also be open to other PhD students, mainly from design research and service research. The aim is to establish a Service Design Research course that can be given on a biannual basis, for European PhDs.

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Last updated: 2012-05-03