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Design research methodologies


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Course plan


This course is part of the cross-departmental research subject Design, that is shared between IDA, IEI and ITN. It is oen of the mandatory courses for PhD students in Design.
The course will be planned and given by the LiU research network LiU design.

Recommended for

PhD students that depend on design for their research, use design as a method in research, or perform research on design. Also available to master students, that will use design as part of their method


After finishing the course, the student shall be able to
- analyze and interpret design grounded in theories from design research
- discuss and problematize different research directions and research methods in design research and relate them to each other
- interpret and criticize design research projects and judge their scientific qualities
- plan and structure a design research project with respect to methods and results


Basic understanding of user-centered development methods or design methods


The course will consist of seminars and workshops, led by participating students and moderated by design researchers, and lectures held by design researchers. A term paper, or when applicable a thesis proposal, is written, discussed and presented.

Course leader: Professor Renee Wever, IEI, LIU
Examiner: Professor Stefan Holmlid, IDA


The course gives insight into different ways of performing design research, covering systematic, reflexive and critical methods. It gives insight into current aspects and developments in design research methodology, and give possibility to practice setting up design research studies.


6 hp


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