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Design research seminar


Status Open for interest registrations
School D! school (D!)
Owner Stefan Holmlid

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Course plan


This seminar series is part of the cross-departmental research subject Design, that is shared between IDA, IEI and ITN. It is one of the mandatory courses for PhD students in Design.
The seminar will be planned and given by the LiU research network LiU design.


In total, the mandatory requirement is to collect 6 hp.
Different activities contributes to the credits at different degrees.


The seminar series will be planned by the LiU design network, and will consist of invited seminars, reading seminars, and seminars based on work from the LiU design network.


A PhD student participates in the seminar series throughout their PhD studies, as a mean to collect the necessary credits, but also as part of their participation in developing the research subject.
The participation of each PhD is kept record of by the PhD on a specific form that is made available to them through their PhD advisors.

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Last updated: 2012-05-03