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General-Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU): Fundamentals and Beyond


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School Computer and Information Science (CIS)
Division ESLAB
Owner Unmesh Dutta Bordoloi

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Course plan

No of lectures

This course will be offered in partnership with Udacity, one of the start-ups providing so called Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs. Essentially, we aim to bring their course cs344 to our own graduate students. Instead of lectures, there will be approximately 7 sessions of classroom discussions apart from significant online material as self-study & assignments.

The url of the course from Udacity is: www.udacity.com/course/cs344

Recommended for

Students from all research areas and departments are welcome. Anyone who is interested in learning how to program a GPU (Graphics Processing Units) to accelerate non-graphics applications will find this course useful.

The course was last given

It is a new course.


The course introduces the student to the fundamentals of parallel computing from the perspective of General-Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU). The topics covered are GPU programming model and architecture, key GPGPU algorithms and programming patterns, and optimization techniques. The student will complete the assignments with CUDA C/C++. Beyond this, students will also be introduced to latest research trends in GPGPU.


Knowledge of fundamental data structures. Experience with C/C++ is highly desirable.

Background in Graphics or Image Processing is NOT required.



Syllabus (Reference: www.udacity.com/course/cs344 )
Lesson 1: GPU Programming Model
Project 1: Greyscale Conversion

Lesson 2 - GPU Hardware and Parallel Communication
Project 2: Smart Blurring

Lesson 3 - Fundamental Parallel Algorithms
Project 3: HDR Tonemapping

Lesson 4 - Using Sort and Scan
Project 4: Red Eye Removal

Lesson 5 - Optimizing GPU Programs
Project 5: Accelerating Histograms

Lesson 6 - Parallel Computing Patterns
Project 6: Seamless Image Compositing

Lesson 7 - The Frontiers and Future of GPU Computing


Based on the progress of the students in each assignment, selected papers on GPGPU might be announced.



Unmesh D. Bordoloi


Programming assignments, quizzes and home-works.




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