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Cognitive Neuroscience Methods & Data Analysis


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School Nationell Forskarskola i Kognitionsvetenskap (SweCog)
Owner Annika Silvervarg
Homepage www.swecog.se/neuromethod.pdf

The course is given by SweCog, the national graduate school in Cognitive Science.
The course is given in English if there are student who do not speak Swedish.
The course may include travel to other Universities in Sweden. SweCog pays for travel and accomodation ONLY for gradute student in SweCog.
Other students are welcome to the course but must finance the travel by other means.

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Course plan

No of Lectures

3-4 full days

Recommended for

PhD students in cognitive science (and related research areas, e.g. AI, HCI).

The course was last given

The course has not been given before.


The course will give an introductory overview of different cognitive neuroscience methods/techniques for measuring/mapping brain activity (e.g. fMRI, EEG, PET, MEG, TMS, DTI, optical imaging) as well as how the data that they generate can be analyzed and interpreted. The course should enable students with limited neuroscience knowledge to better understand and critically evaluate research in the rapidly growing area of cognitive neuroscience.


None. Basic knowledge of statistics and quantitatively methods would be useful, plus basic knowledge of which parts of the brain do what (most cognitive science students acquire this basic knowledge as part of their undergraduate or masters degree).


3-4 full days in Skövde, starting in September, ending by the end of November or beginning of December.


The main methods/techniques are those mentioned above under ”Goals”. The course will also contain some practical exercises in data analysis.




India Morrison, Göteborg University/Sahlgrenska & University of Skövde
Other lecturers will be involved where possible (depending on dates), incl. Christian Balkenius (Lund University, optical imaging), Irene Perini (Göteborg University/Sahlgrenska, DTI).


Tom Ziemke, University of Skövde




7,5 hp

Other information

This course does not overlap with the earlier SweCog course in “Cognitive Neuroscience”.

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