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Real-Time Networks


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School National Graduate School in Computer Science (CUGS)
Division ESLAB
Owner Petru Eles

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Three days of lecturing.

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PhD students

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Since several years, already, distribution became de facto architectural choice in many application domains, from process control to factory automation and even embedded systems, bringing the role of the underlying networks to the foreground. In these systems, communications support the internal interactions that lead to the desired global behavior and they have a particular impact on the non-functional properties, such as timing and fault-tolerance. This course will present an introduction to computer networks that are typical in embedded systems from a real-time perspective. The lectures include an initial presentation of general concepts in networks and then focus on the physical and data link layers, devoting particular attention to the medium access control. Then, the course will address the issue of traffic scheduling and its relationship with medium access control, showing typical schedulability analysis that can be used to derive a priori guarantees of traffic timeliness. A few paradigmatic protocols will then be presented and analyzed, including a reference to the growing interest on wireless communication. Finally, the course will address the holistic design of a distributed embedded system, considering tasks and messages and presenting a specific case study.



1. Distribution-related trends in Embedded Systems. Timing Issues in communications.

2. Inside the protocol stack: the physical and data link layers

3. Inside the protocol stack: the network and application layers. Network technologies for real-time communication

4. RT Network and Middleware technologies; open issues

5. Traffic scheduling: models, analysis and experiments

6. A holistic view for system design: a case study. Challenges of flexible real-time communication

7. Towards mobile RT wireless communication


Three days of lecturing.
Writing and presentation of a report.


Research papers


The lectures will be given by Prof. Luis Almeida, coordinator of the Distributed and Real-Time Embedded Systems Lab at the Telecommunications Institute at the University of Porto, Portugal, and a professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Petru Eles, Zebo Peng


- Participation at the lectures
- Reprt writing and presentation


6 points (hp)

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