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Scientific Publication

DF20600, 2013VT

Status Archive
School Computer and Information Science (CIS)
Division MDALAB
Owner Henrik Eriksson

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Course plan

No of lectures

About 10 (see comments about language below)

Recommended for

Graduate students about to write papers and theses. Although new graduate students can take this course, it is primarily an advanced course intended for graduate students in their second year or beyond.

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Improve your writing and avoid getting that annoying "We regret to inform you that your submission was not accepted..." letter.


Prior experience from writing at least one or two research papers.


A series of seminars that cover different aspects of the publication process and tips for improving writing. Participants are encouraged to bring their own text for discussion and commenting at one of the seminars.


Yet another course on how to improve your scientific writing. This one focuses on the publication process and how to improve the details of your writing to help you get published. The course convers most aspects of the scientific manuscript, from title to references.


Lyn Dupre. Bugs in Writing: Guide to Debugging Your Prose, Addison Wesley, 1998. ISBN: 020137921X

Strunk & White. The Elements of Style. ISBN: 020530902X

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Sixth Edition. ISBN: 1-4338-0559-6

Justin Zobel. Writing for Computer Science. Second Edition. Springer, 2004. ISBN 1852338024


Henrik Eriksson


Henrik Eriksson


Active participation and submission of manuscript text for discussion during seminars.


5 hp


This version of the course is given in SWEDISH. (In the past, the course has alternated between Swedish and English.)

In case the course is full, active graduates students enrolled at IDA will have priority.

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