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Interaction analysis


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School Nationell Forskarskola i Kognitionsvetenskap (SweCog)
Owner Annika Silvervarg

The course is given by SweCog, the national graduate school in Cognitive Science.
The course is given in English if there are student who do not speak Swedish.
The course may include travel to other Universities in Sweden. SweCog pays for travel and accomodation ONLY for gradute student in SweCog.
Other students are welcome to the course but must finance the travel by other means.

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Course plan

No of Lectures


Recommended for

PhD students in cognitive science and related subjects. Students at advanced level can be admitted if space allows.

The course was last given

There has been no exact precursor but related courses have been given


The participants will have basic knowledge on a number of specified methods for carrying out interaction analysis, including theoretical background, how to use the methods – hands on experience in most of the methods and in-depth study using one or two of them. They will also be given the backround to compare and evaluate the methods and to choose the best method for specific studies


Candidate or master level proficiency in cognitive science, communication, linguistics or related subject


First occasion (mid-September 2011): 2 days of lectures-seminars by experts in different methods for interaction analysis (in Gothenburg). Assignments and course papers to be completed for second occasion. Second occasion: (end of term): 1-2 days of evaluation of assignments and opposition on course papers


Lectures and assignments on:
1. Activity based Communication Analysis (ACA)
2. Conversation Analysis (CA)
3. Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA)
4. Social Signal Processing (SSP)
5. Automatic and manual analysis of interaction data






Jens Allwood, Mikael Jensen, Elisabeth Ahlsén


Assignments + course paper (including defense and opposition)


7, 5 hp

Page responsible: Director of Graduate Studies