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Developing Software Games


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School Computer and Information Science (CIS)
Division MDALAB
Owner Erik Berglund

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Course plan

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The course is recommended for students with some background in programming. Varying complex systems for game development can be used and students may focus on the technical or design side of developing software games.

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New proposed course.


To obtain an understanding of the development of games from a software engineering perspective.

To gain practical understanding of with a contemporary game development platform, such as XNA Game Studio, Unity 3D or Unreal Engine. Depending on student focus this understanding may focus on technical aspects such as advance game development platform, physics engines, game AI or game design aspects such as sandbox or open game play, interactive instruction, progression and variation, game interaction design, and interactive storytelling.


Some basic understanding of programming. All students should produce a mini-game to be presented at the end of the course. Visual game development environments exist but all requires a basic level of programming.


A common lecture series

Individual or group projects developing min-games with technical or game design focus.

Joint game workshop with play testing.



Students will be provided with a set of online articles.
For the interested student a good basic book is Fundamentals of Game Design (Game Design and Development Series) (Paperback), by Ernest Adams (Author), Andrew Rollings (Author) Pearson Education & Prentice Hall, 2007 ISBN 0-13-168747-6.


ERik Berglund


Erik Berglund


The course is examined by completing and presenting a game development project.




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