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Debug and Diagnosis of Embedded Systems


Status Cancelled
School Computer and Information Science (CIS)
Division ESLAB
Owner Erik Larsson

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Course plan

No of Lectures

9 (2-3 per part)

Recommended for

Ph.D students in computer systems and electrical engineering.

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New course


This course gives an introduction to techniques to diagnose and debug (1) the hardware, (2) the software and (3) when the embedded system is a component in a larger system.


Computer architecture


The course consists of three parts:
Part 1. Debug and diagnosis of hardware in embedded systems
Part 2. Debug and diagnosis of software in embedded systems
Part 3. Debug and diagnosis of systems with embedded systems as a component



Part 1: To be decided
Part 2: To be decided
Part 3:
[1] J. de Kleer, Mackworth, and Reiter, "Characterizing Diagnoses and
Systems", Artificial Intelligence 56 (1992)

[2] "A Theory of Diagnosis from First Principles", Artificial
Intelligence 32 (1987) 57--95

[3] J. de Kleer and B. C. Williams, "Diagnosing Multiple Faults",
Artificial Intelligence 32 (1987) 97-130


Part 1: Erik Larsson, Urban Ingelsson
Part 2: Peter Bunus
Part 3: Fredrik Heinz, Erik Frisk, Mattias Krysander


Erik Larsson


Part 1: Report
Part 2: To be decided
Part 3: To be decided


9 hp


Embedded systems are increasingly used, especially in automotive vehicles and aircrafts. These embedded computer systems are taking over more of the control including both safety critical and high-level functions. Hence, it is crucial that they operate as intended, which is very difficult to ensure. Until guaranteed fault-free systems can be developed there is a need to find and analyze software and hardware problems. This course gives an introduction to techniques to diagnose and debug the hardware and the software of an embedded system. The course also gives an introduction to debugging an embedded system used as a component in a larger system.

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