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Qualitative research methods

DF21800, 2010VT

Status Cancelled
School Computer and Information Science (CIS)
Division IDA
Owner Vivian Vimarlund

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Graduate students with an interest in working with qualitative research methods

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New course


The goal of the course is for students to better understand some of the strengths and weakness of qualitative research as it applies to problems that characterize the HCI literature. This course is therefore intended to advance students' competence in the "practical" aspects of qualitative research


Introduction to Research Methodology in Computer Science


Literature seminars.


The course will focus on how and why qualitative methods can be used in different studies as well as their strengths and weakness.
The course will give students the kind of confidence and competence in qualitative research that will enable them to design, carry out and publish qualitative research in the area of informatics and HCI.


Höijer, B (1990). Reliability, Validity and Generalizability. Three Questions for Qualitative
Myers, M. (2000). Qualitative research and the generalizability question: Standing firm with Proteus. The Qualitative Report, 4(3/4). http://www.nova.edu/ssss/QR/QR4-3/myers.htm
O'Brien, K. (n. d.) Research paradigms. Latrobe University. http://ironbark.bendigo.latrobe.edu.au/~obrien/parad/index.htm
Patton D: (2002) Qualitative Research & Evaluation Methods, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 3nd (revised) Edition Reception Research. The Nordicom Review, 1, 15-20.
The Sage Enclyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods , 2008 ( LiUs bibliotek, e-version)


Vimarlund, invited lecturers


Vivian Vimarlund


Paper, class exercises/participation, abstracts will determine points


7,5 HP


Course start. 2010 VT

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