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Program Analysis

DFDA183, 2008VT

Status Archive
School National Graduate School in Computer Science (CUGS)
Division MDH
Owner Björn Lisper
Homepage http://www.idt.mdh.se/phd/courses/proganalys/

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Course plan


The schedule is not fixed yet, but the course will probably be given in "crash course" format with a few two- or three day intense lecture periods in Västerås and time for homework in-between.

Recommended for

Graduate students with an interest in programming languages, like optimizing compilers, and formal verification.

The course was last given

Spring 2005


That the student, after having finished the course, should be well versed in the different existing approaches to static program analysis: classical data flow analysis, constraint-based analysis, type-based analysis, and abstract interpretation. The student should also have knowledge of the underlying theory, as well as the most important basic algorithms.


Semantics of Programming Languages, besides proficiency in programming languages, algorithms, and discrete math.


See home page for course




Nielson, Nielson, and Hankin. Principles of Program Analysis. Springer (Corrected 2nd printing, 452 pages, ISBN 3-540-65410-0), 2005.

See http://www2.imm.dtu.dk/~riis/PPA/ppa.html


Björn Lisper
Possibly some guest lecturers


Björn Lisper


A set of assignments to be done at home


4.5-7.5 hp (3-5), depending on the extent of the handed-in homework.

Organized by

Dept. of Computer Science and Electronics, Mälardalen University


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