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Requirements Engineering

FDA136, 2004VT

Status Archive
School Computer and Information Science (CIS)
Division SAS
Owner Kristian Sandahl
Homepage http://www.ida.liu.se/~krisa/RE/index.html

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Course plan

No of lectures

24 h

Recommended for

All graduate students with basic courses in Software engineering and Software development projects and/or working experience.

The course was last given

Fall 2002


The students will acquire theoretical insights and practical experience from processes, tools and techniques that are used in requirements engineering activities in large-scale software development and applied research.


Undergraduate course TDDB61 PUM, or TDDB62 PUM-I and/or working experience.


  • A seminar series of 12x2 hours
  • A role-game exercise
  • A lab series with tools for requirements prioritation and management
  • A possibility to submitt and present term papers


  • Requirements elicitation
  • Requirements specification
  • Inspection of requirements
  • Formal specification of requirements
  • Semi-formal notations of requirements
  • Software quality requirments
  • Requirements prioritation
  • Attribute-driven requirements engineering
  • Software release planning
  • Research issues


Ian Sommerville and Peter Sawyer: Requirements Engineering: A Good Practice Guide, Wiley, 1997, ISBN 0-471-97444-7.

Selected articles


Kristian Sandahl, Simin Nadjm-Therani, Pär Carlshamre, Joachim Karlsson, Andreas Borg ("course assistant").


Kristian Sandahl.


  • A written, open-book exam on Sommerville and Sawyer.
  • Short, written reflections from the labs.
  • Term paper and presentation (optional)


4 credits (approved term papers will add 1-3 credits).


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