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Logics for the Web

FDA159, 2003HT

Status Archive
School Computer and Information Science (CIS)
Division SAS
Owner Jan Maluszynski
Homepage http://www.ida.liu.se/labs/iislab/courses/LW/

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Course plan

14 h lectures, 10 h seminars

Recommended for

All graduate students

The course was last given

New course


In the emerging Semantic Web (see http://www.semanticweb.org/introduction.html) logic plays an important role. Different logics are proposed for different purposes. The goal of the course is to survey this vision, to give an introduction to the relevant logical formalisms and to discuss the ongoing research.


Basic knowledge in first-order logic.


The course will consist of lectures by the teachers and student presentations (seminars) of the relevant journal/conference articles.


Lectures (tentative)
A vision of the Semantic Web and the role of logics therein (2h)
Description Logics: (6h)
- Representing knowledge in DL
- Reasoning services and algorithms;
- Completeness, correctness and complexity;
- Description logics and ontologies (DAML+OIL, OWL)
- Relations between DL and other KR formalisms.

Horn Logic and beyond (6h)
- Representing knowledge in Horn clauses,
- Reasoning techniques
- Rules on the web: is Horn logic sufficient?
- Frame-logic

Survey of existing tools and projects, proposed extensions, relations between the formalisms, etc.
Links to the papers will be announced at the course page in September 2003.


A collection of papers, available on the web.
The links will be placed at the course home page in September 2003.


Patrick Lambrix, Jan Maluszynski


Patrick Lambrix, Jan Maluszynski


One obligatory presentation, including preparation of slides (in a group of two students per paper).

Individual solution of one batch of the homework exercises.

Participation in the final discussion.


3 p.


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