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Advanced Course on Constraint Programming

FDA152, 2003HT

Status Archive
School National Graduate School in Computer Science (CUGS)
Division DCS-LTH
Owner Anne Moe

Will be given at Lunds University

If you would like to register for this course, please contact Anne Moe, annes@ida.liu.se

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The main goal if this course is to give a general introduction to constraint (logic) programming and discuss advanced algorithms which are used to implement such systems. The emphasis will be put on algorithms for combinatorial constraints, such as cumulative, diffn (disjoint2) and circuit. The course will also address search methods used in this paradigm.


Basic course in programming, course in data structures and algorithms.


- Introduction to constraint programming.
- Basic algorithms used in constraint programming systems (constraint satisfaction and simplification, optimization).
- Finite domain constraints.
- Combinatorial constraints and related algorithms (cumulative, circuit, diffn, etc.).
- Combinatorial constraints and related algorithms (cont'd).
- Search methods and search heuristics (branch and bound, local search).
- Other constraints areas -- CLP(I), CLP(B), CLP(set).
- Other constraints areas (cont'd).
- Application modeling and solving -- job-shop, traveling salesperson, etc.
- Application modeling and solving (cont'd).
- (Music constraints, bioinformatics constraints).


Lectures given by the teacher and possibly seminars on selected topics.


Kim Mariott and Peter J. Stuckey "Programming with Constraints: An Introduction", The MIT Press, 1998.
Selected paper.



Kris Kuchcinski



4 points, additional points can be given based on specific assignments

discussed with the teacher.

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Please note! The course is given by Lunds university and will take place at Lunds University


Schedule: prel October-November, 2003.

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