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Fourth Swedish Workshop on Multicore Computing

November 23-25, 2011, Linköping University


Thursday 24/11 and Friday 25/11/2011

Location: In front of the Visionen lecture hall

Poster format and instructions

Posters should be at most 80cm wide. For the poster height there is no hard limit except for the height of the poster walls (190cm).
Large posters are best fastened on the poster walls with pins, small ones with tape; fastening material will be available.

For technical questions about the poster presentation, please contact Erik Hansson.

List of posters
(ordered by submission time)
  • Simon Holmbacka, Sébastien Lafond and Johan Lilius.
    Generic QoS Manager for Many-Core Service-Based Operating Systems
  • Fareed Ahmed Jokhio, Sébastien Lafond, Tewodros Deneke and Johan Lilius.
    Analysis of Video Transcoding on Multi-core Platform
  • Marwa Abdul-Monem Al-Shandawely, Oana Marin and Erwin Laure.
    Efficient Multi-Core GMRES algorithm for Toeplitz-like Matrices
  • Jari-Matti Mäkelä, Erik Hansson, Martti Forsell, Christoph Kessler and Ville Leppänen.
    Design Principles of the Programming Language Replica for Hybrid PRAM-NUMA Many-Core Architectures
  • Hĺkan Sundell, Anders Gidenstam, Marina Papatriantafilou and Philippas Tsigas.
    A Lock-Free Algorithm for Concurrent Bags
  • Andreas Dahlin, Johan Ersfolk and Johan Lilius.
    A Run-Time Framework for Task Execution on Many-Core Platforms
  • Beverly Bachmayer, Usman Dastgeer and Uwe Dolinsky.
    Implementing applications in the PEPPHER framework
  • Andreas Hindborg and Sven Karlsson.
    Improving Performance of Software Implemented Floating Point Addition
  • Laust Brock-Nannestad and Sven Karlsson.
    Efficient Co-Simulation of Multicore Systems
  • Artur Podobas and Mats Brorsson.
    A Best-Effort, QoS extending, Soft Real-Time Scheduler for Task-Centric models
  • Dimitar Nikolov, Kim Petersén, Urban Ingelsson, Erik Larsson and Gunnar Carlsson.
    Fault Management in an MPSoC Demonstrator
  • Nhan Nguyen and Philippas Tsigas.
    Progress Guarantees when Composing Lock-freeObjects
  • Quy Trinh and Bengt Jonsson.
    Formal Verification of Skiplist Algorithms
  • Oleg Danylenko and Welf Löwe.
    Scheduling stream processing on multi-core processors

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