Jonas Lundberg, ph.d Linköpings Universitet

Informationsansvarig: Jonas Lundberg
Sidan uppdaterades senast: 2006-12-30

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Jonas Lundberg, Ph. D.

Human-Centered Systems
Department of Computer and Information Science
Linköpings universitet
SE-581 83 LINKÖPING, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)13 282602
Fax: +46 (0)13 142231
E 3F:454 (see map)

Currently, I conduct research regarding accident investigations. That research belongs to the areas of cognitive systems engineering and resilience engineering. I have previously done related work in the area of interaction design.

I have previosly conducted research on web publishing. The focus of those studies were mainly in the area of human-coputer interaction design. I have done research on design principles for online news media, with a focus on the relation between genre, design and technical innovations. I have also conducted research on participation in the design process, by professional designers, and by stakeholder gorups such as managers, journalists, and audience groups. Furthemore, a current side-project of mine is design principles for web publishing systems.

At Linköpings Universitet I work in two research teams:

I also work for Santa Anna Research Institute, and I have recently done work for Linköping University Electronic Press.

Recent publications

Lundberg, J., & Arvola, M. (2007). Lessons Learned from Facilitation in Collaborative Design. In W. Piekarski and B. Plimmer (Eds.), Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology (CRPIT), Vol. 64. Proceedings of the Eighth Australasian User Interface Conference (AUIC2007). January 30 - February 02, 2007. Ballarat, Australia. The Austrailian Computer Society Inc. [pdf]

Dinka, D., Lundberg, J. (2006). Identity and role—A qualitative case study of cooperative scenario building. In International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Vol. 64, No. 10, pp 1049-1060. [pdf]

Hult, L., Irestig, M., and Lundberg, J. (2006). Design Perspectives. In Human-Computer Interaction, Vol. 21, No. 1, pp. 5-48. [pdf]

Lundberg, J. & Johansson, B (2006). Resilience, Stability and Requisite Interpretation in Accident Investigations. 2nd Symposium on Resilience Engineering, Juan-les-Pins, France, November 8-10, 2006 [pdf]

Woltjer, R., Trnka, J., Lundberg, J & Johannson, B. (2006). An experience-based approach to strengthen the resilience of complex socio-technical systems. Proceedings of ECCE13 - thirteenth european conference on cognitive ergonomics, 20-22 September, 2006,ETHZ, Zürich, Switzerland.