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Åke Sivertun
Dept. of Computer and Information Science
Linköpings universitet

Phone: +46-13-28 14 97
Mobile: +46-705 28 14 20
Fax: +46-13-14 22 31

Office: E 3F:460
(see map)
Member of:Human-Centered Systems
Projects & Networks:
My research interest concerns the use and implemetation of Geographical Information Systems and the theoretical aspects of this (Geographical Information Science GISc). At IDA/LiU we have research on several activities concerning Information technologies and GIS. Some application areas are within Environment and Health and introduction of IT/GIS for monitoring disease patterns and analyse them with respect o geographic, demographic and socioeconomic factors as well as different environmental impact as metals, radiation and chemicals. The research also involves communication and transfer of information between people, as well as organisations and the development of supporting structures. In international projects we study how IT/GIS can improve Healthcare and Emergency management. We are members of Association of Geographical Laboratories in Europe – AGILE and the network of Excellence – GMOSS with the focus on developing IT support for response to humanitarian crises. In projects concerning Ambulance care and rescue services we have the focus on mobile IT/GIS that is sustainable also in case of major catastrophes. .
Projects & Networks:
  • EU NoE GMOSS: Network of Excellence on Global Monitoring for Stability and Security, “Responding to Crisis” group, European Commission (03/2004- ).
  • ICT Integration in Local and Regional Emergency Management - GIS as a Core Information System, Swedish Emergency Management Agency (06/2003-06/2006).
  • GIS-based Systems and Their Impacts on Commanding Staff During Large Emergencies, Swedish Emergency Management Agency (01/2005-12/2005).
Recent Publications:

Trnka, J., Le Duc, M. & Sivertun, Å. (2005) Inter-organizational Issues in ICT, GIS and GSD – Mapping Swedish Emergency Management at the Local and Regional Level, in Van de Walle, B. & Carlé, B. (Eds.) Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM), Brussels, Belgium, pp. 75-82, ISBN 90-7697-109-9, (Mike Meleshkin Award received).

Trnka, J., Le Duc, M. & Sivertun, Å. (2005) Utilization and Exchange of Geospatial Data in Swedish Emergency Management, in Hauska, H. & Tveite, H. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 10th Scandinavian Research Conference on Geographical Information Science (ScanGIS), Stockholm, Sweden, pp. 53-62, ISBN 91-7323-126-6.

Nilsson, S., Trnka, J., Le Duc, M. & Sivertun, Å. (2005) Aspects of GI and GIS Use in Pre- and Post-flooding Phases of Swedish Emergency Management – A Case Study, in I. Svedung & G. Cojazzi (Eds.), Proceedings of the 28th ESReDA Seminar – The Geographical Component of Safety Management, Karlstad, Sweden, pp. 213-223, ISBN 92-7903-100-7.