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Principles of Programming Languages and Environments

General Info

Mathematica info

To install Mathematica you can do the following:
In your account (Solaris) make a symbolic link:
ln -s /net/softis.isy.liu.se/export/install install

Then from your laptop mount your home directory
to some drive, say Z:
Then, on
should be an installer. In the file:
you find the License ID/password for Mathematica.

If you don't know how to do this, contact me, and I'll give a CD.

RML info

If you know how to handle Solaris and don't want to install RML for yourself, you can work remotely (remote.ida.liu.se).
Read: What installations are already available for Solaris at IDA.

To work with RML on your own computer you need to:

  • Install cygwin
  • Download RML package rml-2.1.10-cygwin.tar.bz2. Would be good to copy it to cygwin\home\your_user\
  • Start cygwin bash, unpack rml-2.1.10-cygwin.tar.bz2 like this:
    user@machine> bzip2 -d rml-2.1.10-cygwin.tar.bz2
    user@machine> tar -xf rml-2.1.10-cygwin.tar
  • Go to rml-2.1.10-cygwin directory:
    user@machine> cd rml-2.1.10-cygwin
    user@machine> make
  • Read what "make" command outputs and write it at the prompt (about setting your path).
  • End. That's it!
In the rml-2.1.10-cygwin/examples directory you can find some RML examples. Also, here you can find some more info about RML.

In case you run into problems or you have errors


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