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Lab Registration

Please form a group of two and sign up for the labs through the web interface.


Attention: The deadlines are based on the session number and therefore may depend on your group.

  • Grouping up and registering on webreg [deadline: 7-Apr]
  • Chapters 1 and 2 [deadline: session 3, (all groups: 5-Apr)]
  • Chapter 3 [deadline: session 4, (all groups: 7-Apr)]
  • Chapter 4 [deadline: session 6, (all groups: 12-Apr)]
  • Chapter 5 [deadline: session 8, (all groups: 28-Apr)]
  • Chapter 6 [deadline: session 10, (all groups: 5-May)]
  • Chapter 7 [deadline: session 12, (all groups: 12-May)]
  • Chapter 8 [deadline: session 13, (all groups: 17-May)]

Lab Documents


Please arrive on-time in the lab sessions.

The distribution of the deadlines does not exactly correspond to the time required for each chapter to complete. It is a good idea to finish the chapters that are easier for you, before their deadlines.

Please read the lab manual carefully without jumping over any part of it.


Page responsible: Ahmed Rezine
Last updated: 2017-04-03