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732A54 Big Data Analytics


Account information

  • For the labs in relational databases you will need a special database account. This will be provided automatically when you have been registered for the course.
  • For the labs on the NSC environment, you will need a special account. Information on how to obtain this is available here. Note that the teachers in the course may require access to a special directory in your account for grading your exercises.


The final deadlines are the same dates as the dates of the written exams, although it is recommended to hand in labs as early as possible during running of the course. If you received comments on the labs, hand in updated versions latest 2 weeks after exam date.

IMPORTANT: After April 2017 it is not guaranteed that the accounts on NSC are still available. Therefore, the retake exam in March is a hard final deadline.

Lab exercises

1. Lab - Python

2. Labs - Relational databases

3. Labs - Big Data Analytics

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Last updated: 2016-12-09