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Semantic Web Seminars at LiU - Fall 2017

Thursday, October 5, 9.00 am, 2017.

Stream Reasoning: A Summary of Ten Years of Research and a Vision for the Next Decade
Emanuele Della Valle
(Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
Abstract: Stream reasoning studies the application of inference techniques to data characterised by being highly dynamic. It can find application in several settings, from Smart Cities to Industry 4.0, from Internet of Things to Social Media analytics. This year stream reasoning turns ten, and this talk analyses its growth. In the first part, it traces the main results obtained so far, by presenting the most prominent studies. It starts by an overview of the most relevant studies developed in the context of semantic web, and then it extends the analysis to include contributions from adjacent areas, such as database and artificial intelligence. Looking at the past is useful to prepare for the future: the second part presents a set of open challenges and issues that stream reasoning will face in the next future.
Location: Room "Alan Turing"
Organizer: Fredrik Heintz

Tuesday, November 7, 13.15, 2017.

Isabelle Augenstein
(University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Abstract: tba
Location: tba Organizers: Eva Blomqvist and Marco Kuhlmann

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